Cuz's Uptown Barbeque in Pounds Mill, VA

Fire Safety Admin
2012/06/05 17:51:58
While doing some research for an upcoming Virginia trip, I came across a very interesting restaurant called Cuz's Uptown Barbeque.  It looks eccentric to say the least and seemingly out of place in Southwest Virginia.  Here is a link to the website and a short film on the place.
Has anyone ever been here before?  I would love to hear from someone who has actually eaten there. 
Re:Cuz's Uptown Barbeque in Pounds Mill, VA 2012/06/05 20:12:43
It's been a long time since I was there BB, as it's only about 45 minutes from where I live in Princeton, WV.  I had completely forgotten about them until you posted this.
It is called a Barbeque joint, but it is more sophisticated than what we are used to in a BBQ joint here (think the opposite of say The Ridgewood).  They do make their own BBQ, but I don't remember ever having it.  I do remember having some good Prime Rib they had on special one time there about 15 years ago.  Don't remember what I had the other times and it's been probably a good 10 years since I've been there.
They did have some tough times as there was a fire that had them closed for awhile.  They used to be only open for dinner too, don't know if that changed.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Cuz's Uptown Barbeque in Pounds Mill, VA 2012/06/06 08:30:43
Thanks so much for the reply!  You are right that this sure doesn't look like the typical bbq joint.  I even read that the bbq might be the weakest part of the menu.