Frozen Custard in Philly: Shake Shack now open!

2012/06/06 09:34:10
St. Louis style frozen custard (plus burgers) comes to Philadelphia.  Will people line up like they do in New York?  Is the custard as exceptional as we've been hearing?  Stay tuned!
The accidental cult hero: Shake Shack opens in Philadelphia
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Frozen Custard in Philly: Shake Shack now open! 2012/06/06 10:41:16
I've been dying to try their burgers for a while. The one time I tried to get one at the original NYC location, the line was way too long.
I did get there one previous time when the line wasn't too bad, but that was only to try the frozen custard. I recall being a little disappointed by it. It was certainly legit. frozen custard, but I thought it was a little lacking in flavor.
Regardless, while I live within walking distance, I'm weighing the issue of how long to wait until I go over there. I'm sure the lines will be huge through at least the first weekend. And I want to give them a little time to work out any cooking/service issues that usually come up with newly-opened places.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Frozen Custard in Philly: Shake Shack now open! 2012/06/17 13:48:57
I was very impressed by my burger and black & white malt last week.
Just a little while ago, I went back for a quick frozen custard while I was in the neighborhood. They've got a few unique-to-Philadelphia concretes. I ordered one with vanilla custard, pureed strawberries, broken up cannoli pieces and sweet lemon ricotta. It was unbelievably good, although I can't really judge the quality of the custard until I have it plain.
They have a separate line for people who are only ordering custard or beverages and there was almost no wait at all. The burger line was back to around the door both times I was there, but that's not really that long, especially in comparison to the lines in the park and at Citi Field in New York.