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2012/06/06 15:47:43
I have been having a time with my Onan 2.8Micro. First, the repair shop put on the wrong plug and I fought it for about a month until I changed it myself. However this weeks problem is that it runs fine on it's parking pad, but I get to the destination and it wont start. Decided just to go home. 
Wife came home at lunch and said, "Could it be because it's not level? It's level when it's on the parking pad..." After a brief chuckle, I said, "Nah... But I try it anyway...." DAMN SHE"S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! parked it on an unlevel spot, and it would start... Parked it back on the pad, it started..... Damn she's good!!!!

Has anybody ever heard of this? If so what is the fix? (It's installed on a receiver mount I had made, temporarily)
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Re:Generator question 2012/06/06 15:55:03
Higher end Generators usually have a "Low Oil Shutoff" feature, so you don't cook the engine and/or overheat the Armature. When parked in certain area's, it's possible that the oil level may drop below the predetermined shut off point, thereby not allowing it to start.
Re:Generator question 2012/06/06 16:08:25
It's at 7/8 top of full mark. I didn't want to go over that due to stopping at other locations and each is angled in a different direction. But I think that's the explanation right there!!!

Had no idea that parked on downtown business street would cause that much difference. (ticky lil B___). It will be easy to jack and level due to it's on the receiver, but what would a person do when it's mounted inside a generator enclosure, which is my plan when I find someone I trust to go cutting on my truck? That's a lot of weight to go installing it on a floating platform.
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Re:Generator question 2012/06/06 17:24:21
What about leveling springs under the 4 corners?
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Re:Generator question 2012/06/07 10:55:24
If you are the type of person that is good about keeping up with equipment and not letting oil run low, I personally would just disable the safety, or at least see if the sensor is adjustable. There is no reason that I can think of that it should be that sensitive that it only runs when level, unless there is less oil in it than you think. Does it use a dipstick, or can you visably see the oil level?
Re:Generator question 2012/06/09 00:14:09
Dr., Would rather have something self leveling. I'm OLD and lazy
Tony, dont trust myself enough on a $2k I try and keep it at 7/8 because each stop is actually angled a different direction. Mississippi River town, when I say the streets are pitched...they're pitched. However I did fill it to 100% today and had no problems.(about 3-4oz).  It even traveled on, which at 7/8 it wouldnt do. I may have to drive it 2hrs away to the Onan service center.
Thinking about something on the style of the old Gyroscope I used to play with as a kid. To give it a 'limited' range of motion. I really really dont want to install a truck leveler because there is around 6-8 inch incline just in the width of the truck. Which would mean my service window would raise that much also. Plus I'e already had the truck lowered 3 inches.
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Re:Generator question 2012/06/09 13:24:44
Onan generators are picky. We have a POS Micolite 2.8 in the Class C and one in pieces in a shed. I am not a fan of Onan.  Level has nothing to do with it. You most likely have either too much oil or too little oil. Or the sensor is off.  If the truck is "level enough to sleep in " (meaning that if you had a bed in there, you wouldn't fall out of the bed)  then it's fine with the generator.
You can't have too much oil in them or they won't run right.
You can't have too little oil in them or they won't run right
You can use parts by other companies or they won't run right.
You can't use the "wrong" manufacturers oil or they won't run right.  Did you use "ONAN" oil? If not, that could be your problem... or you have too much oil.
Microlite 2.8KW   Choose Operators Manual  to download a PDF file.  should be a trouble shooting section in the back of the manual.  I have two different manuals. One is an Install & the other is an Operators. I end up going thru both when trying to figure out problems. I think I ordered mine from Onan.
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Re:Generator question 2012/06/11 16:14:35
Last thing in the world I need is something else ticky!!! lol I think I will permanently instaal another brand, I had this one and just hung it in the receiver to make sure... Glad I did.