anyone have any experience with autofry fryers?

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2012/06/07 18:07:31
i bought one of these mti-10 autofry units today and wondering what your thoughts are...? it is an electric 20 amp fryer that will produce 60 lbs of product per hour and doesnt need a vent hood system. do a youtube search for a demo.  it has an on board ansul system. has a timer and auto lift on the basket that goes into the heated side pan.  i think fast volume may be asking a bit much but saves a few thousand on hood and ansul systems....?
dont know if ill use it since i have hood, ansul, and gas fryers but might make a good concessions piece. if anyone is inlove with these, gimme a call to discuss likes and dont likes or whatever. seven zero 6-392-two 5 8 0. thanks, mark
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Re:anyone have any experience with autofry fryers? 2012/06/08 04:44:42
Pretty slick.
I will be acquiring a Perfect Fry Company frier which operates similarly as the one you cited. I have yet to use it and have my suspicions, but currently, we use a 15# small counter top gas frier in one of my carts and while straightforward, the standard fryers have their drawbacks. I suppose when you work with hot oil/deep frying, some inconveniences just come with the territory. Obviously these companies that make these self venting units have tried to eliminate some of the hassle of frying, whether it be dangers, clean-up, user error, etc.
I look forward to comparing the two concepts. One of the biggest hassles of our conventional fryer is keeping it clean. I am particularly interested in seeing how that may be different in a ventless unit.
Because I use a gas fryer, exhaust is a must. With electric all you need to deal with is evaporation of food steam and grease. I wonder if there are any DIYers who have tried to mitigate the steam and grease exhaust of an electric fryer with some kind of rigged up filter. I mean, except for the automation of the basket, incorporated digital timer and onboard extinguisher, the filtering of the steam and grease is the big attraction to this kind of unit. I suppose the other aspects are quite attractive as well. Especially when you are using employees and I think these units are particularly attractive in bars where food is not exactly the top priority and owners may not want to invest a lot into the "kitchen" infrastructure.
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Re:anyone have any experience with autofry fryers? 2012/06/12 10:13:16
mine is now available incase any one is looking for one. taking up storage space in my wallet.
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Re:anyone have any experience with autofry fryers? 2012/06/22 11:02:13
how do i post a for sale ad on this fryer in classified section?
Re:anyone have any experience with autofry fryers? 2012/06/22 19:23:18
You have to become a Roadfood Insider to post sales ads in the classified section of Roadfood.
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