Food Concession Trailer Electrical question

Junior Burger
2012/06/09 22:49:15
Hello: I just found this website and hope someone can help me.  I just purchased a 24' food trailer from a bank as a repo. I have had concession trailer before and know how most everything operated, but one thing I do not know anything about is the electrical hookup. Everything inside my trailer is hooked to a breaker box. On the outside and under the trailer is a female 220v/50 amp connection. The events I will be going to as well as the generator I will be using when necessary, will also have a female 220v/50 amp connection. What I need to know is how to connect the two. Can I buy a male to male 220/50 amp cord? I haven't found anything like that. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, Doug
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Food Concession Trailer Electrical question 2012/06/09 23:08:45
Hi Doug, You should scroll down to the restaurant pro section and post your question.
Are you sure the plug is female?, seeme odd the they would do male to male.
Who built the trailer and are you sure that it's 50a?  What type of plug is there now?
I'm sure that you can buy adapters to make it work.....
Junior Burger
Re:Food Concession Trailer Electrical question 2012/06/09 23:14:28
I will post it there as well. Thank You.
I am sure it is a female plug on the trailer. Yes it is 50A. I have pictures of the plug, and willpost in a little bit if I can.