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Junior Burger
2012/06/10 15:07:48
Oakdale, PA is my hometown.  It's a suburb of Pittsburgh, and it's the smallest borough (village) in Allegheny County.  Oakdale is near the Robinson shopping area on the way to the airport, so it's close enough to visit for anyone who is on I-79, I-376, or Route 22/30 ("The William Penn Highway") in that area.  Oakdale is one of the communities on the Panhandle Trail, a walking and bicycling trail from Carnegie, PA to Weirton, WV so if you're on that trail then plan to eat in Oakdale.
There are three (3) exellent restaurant choices in Oakdale.
The Diner (most call it The Oakdale Diner) looks like an old-fashioned diner created from a genuine railroad car, but I think someone told me that it was just built to look that way, not a real rail car.  OMG the food here is excellent.  The building is owned by the borough, but the restaurant operations and food are run by a chef or cook or restaurant manager, not sure.  Order anything here, it's all excellent.  Even something as simple as a BLT is served on excellent toasted Italian bread piled high with eight slices of Boar's Head bacon fried crisp, lots of fresh tomatioes and lettuce.  Daily dinner specials are popular, including stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage.   Fresh hand-formed burgers, excellent corned beef sandwich.  French fries are those kind that have a crispy coating on them, and they were excellent if you like that type of fries, I prefer fries without coatings. All breakfasts are huge and delicious.  Also, the restaurant includes a bakery case full of fresh baked goods that are served in the restaurant or can be purchased to carry home.  The resturant also includes an ice cream stand where you can order your frozen treats at the outside window without needing to enter the diner.
The Oakdale Inn is a restaurant and bar.  The food is excellent, especially the pork chops, fried shrimp, and fish sandwiches.  You can eat at the bar or at tables near the bar, or families with young children can choose a seating area of tables that are not in the bar area.  Their all-you-can-eat spaghetti night and all-you-can-eat taco night are both popular, and so is wing night.
Pepperoncini's is a restuarant and bar.  Their chicken wings are fabulous, as big as turkey legs (kidding!).  Seriously, the jumbo-sized wings with multiple flavor choices are excellent, but especially on 35-cent wing days.  If you know your group's capacity for wings and preferene for flavors, place the entire order right at the start, because it takes a while to prepare for a large group, and orders for seconds take even longer.  Always worth the wait, though.  Pepperoncini's also has excellent hoagies and excellent salads.
WARNING: do not order pizza anywhere in Oakdale, it's horrible.  In fact, do not order pizza anywhere in the Pittsburgh area, it's horrible.  In fact, do not order pizza anywhere is southwest Pennsylvania, it's horrible,  Oh, one exception: Augustine's Pizza in New Castle, that's excellent.
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Re:Oakdale, PA 2012/06/10 15:09:17
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Oakdale, PA 2012/06/10 15:19:59
Now, if you want humongous chicken wings try Marbull's on Virginia Avenue on the border of Rochester and New Brighton in Western Pennsylvania.
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Junior Burger
Re:Oakdale, PA 2012/08/30 18:05:14
I'm an Oakdale native too! (In MN now)... and totally agree with your assessment of Oakdale 'eateries'!  In fact, I worked at the diner back when it was the Twist N Shake!  So, maybe I'm not all that picky, but Pepperocini's pizza isn't totally horrible--I thought it was okay (not a high score, but not horrible!)  There used to be a place on Banksville Road near Beechview that had really good pizza--not sure if it's there anymore (alas, I forgot the name)...  
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Re:Oakdale, PA 2012/09/02 19:03:59
I believe the place you are thinking of is, "Beto's".  Excellant pizza!
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Re:Oakdale, PA 2012/09/07 13:53:19
I think the pizza at Luciano's in Whie Oak is very good.  And the erstwhile Vincent's in Ardmore made a great pie as well.
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Re:Oakdale, PA 2012/09/09 16:32:49
Thank's for the update!  I frequent the diner and Pepperoncini's....The Diner is excellent and really has exceptional food.  Much better than you would expect at a diner.  I go to Pep's for the drinks...