Roadtrip from Kansas City MO to Myrtle Beach SC

Junior Burger
2012/06/10 23:19:11
Im heading from Kansas City to Myrle Beach SC in a couple of weeks with my wife and four year old daughter.  My favorite part of traveling is finding the best places to eat.
I have never traveled east before so I am stumped on where to go.  I would appreciate any advice and suggestions.
Re:Roadtrip from Kansas City MO to Myrtle Beach SC 2012/06/11 03:01:44
Hi Gary
Welcome to Roadfood from a fellow Kansas Citian. We are a very friendly bunch here and you will get alot of help and suggestions. The first thing that you need to do is either have a moderator move this topic to the Where Should I Eat forum or start a new topic in that forum. In your post you need to give us more information such as your anticipated route; any tourist stops you are making along the way; what foods your daughter won't eat (I've traveled with a four year old); and the dates you intend to travel. This allows those members familiar with the area to steer you to the best restaurants and food festivals. Make sure to take lots of photos of your food and then post a trip report in this forum. I wish that I had suggestions but I haven't been in that part of the world in 30 years. Enjoy your trip!
P.S. If you have any roadfood selections for the Kansas City area let everyone know!
Junior Burger
Re:Roadtrip from Kansas City MO to Myrtle Beach SC 2012/06/11 13:43:58
Gary, as an avid Myrtle Beach diner there are a lot of great independent places amongst the sea of bad chain food places and questionable "calabash" style seafood joints.
If you like Tex Mex inspired food  then you should try  at the corner of 8th and Main st right at Kings Hwy. They cook everything from scratch and the portions are monster sized. Start with the Chipotle Shrimp Dip, move on to an Old School Burrito or Sun CIty Chicken, and ask for the hot habanero salsa if you like it spicy. 
For the freshest fish done creatively, on Kings Hwy at 34th St. The father funs a seafood shop while his daughter, a J&W grad, runs the restaurant. Hushpuppies are a must, the Fried Green Tomato tower is awesome and check the menu board for creative takes on whatever the freshest fish is for that day. The shrimp and grits are outstanding as are the tuna tacos, and they have a sushi bar that is really stellar.
If you want to try one of the big seafood buffets, d on 17Bypass around 29th, across from Broadway at the Beach is about the best there. I would say drive up to Calabach, NC and stop just about anywhere there rather than one of the generic knockoffs around Myrtle.
For Asian, on 20th at Kings Hwy and its satellite in N. Myrtle is a great Pan-Asian with sushi, hibachi, Thai Curry, Viet Salads and some Chinese dishes in a modern classy setting.
For burgers and casual foods the local chain is terrific. Creative burgers, fresh cut fries and the Blackened Fish Reuben is one of the best sandwiches i've ever eaten. Very good place for the kids who can draw on the butcher paper and grab some peanuts to shell and toss them on the floor.
Any specific things you might be looking for/at let me know and i will try to steer you in the right direction.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Roadtrip from Kansas City MO to Myrtle Beach SC 2012/06/11 14:26:20
Don't leave Paducah, KY without dining at Doe's Eat Place. Have the tamales and fried shrimp appetizer and a big Porterhouse for 2. Whaler's Catch Restaurant and Bar is outstanding seafood and steaks for lunch or dinner. Get off I 24 at Exit 40 in Kuttawa, KY and go S just a second to the Oasis Southwest Grill for outstanding steaks, ribs and cold drinks. Come sit and enjoy a football game on the big screen TV's. Go to Broadbent Hams and pick up a nice smoked ham to take home. Get off I 24 at Exit 31 and go S on Highway 453 about 2 miles to Grand Rivers, KY and have lunch or dinner at Patti's or one of the other two restaurant owned by the family near Kentucky Lake. Get off I 24 at Exit 65 and go E to Hopkinsville, KY to Wood Shed BBQ for good KY road food.
If you have not stopped since you went through Paducah, KY be sure to take Exit 73 off I 24 and go S on Highway 117 to Knock Em Hill BBQ for the best in KY. Try one of the big pork chops.
Get off I 24 at Exit 4 in Clarksville, TN and go to Whitt's BBQ for outstanding southern road food.
Doe's Eat Place @ 136 Broadway Street, Paducah, KY 270 - 443 - 9006.
Whaler's Catch Restaurant & Bar @ 123 North 2nd Street, Paducah, KY 270 - 444 - 7701.
The Oasis Southwest Grill @ 42 Days Inn Drive, Kuttawa, KY 270 - 388 - 0777.
Broadbent Hams @ 257 Mary Blue Rd., Kuttawa, KY 270 - 388 - 0609.
Patti's 1880's Settlement Restaurant @ Main Street, Grand Rivers, KY 270 - 362 - 2264.
Woodshed Pit BBQ @ 1821 W. 7th St., Hopkinsville, KY. 270 - 885 - 8144.
Knock Em Hill BBQ @ 11185 Hwy. 107 S., Herndon, KY. 270 - 271 - 2957.
Whitt's BBQ @ 2030 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Clarksville, TN 931 - 503 - 0515.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Roadtrip from Kansas City MO to Myrtle Beach SC 2012/06/11 14:28:47
First good country food is at Exit 204 before you get to downtown Nashville on I 40. Get off and go right on Robertson Ave. then take your first left on Charlotte Ave. go past the shopping center on your left and take a left on 53rd Ave. N and Wendell Smith's is on your left open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving good soul and country food. There's a Best Western, Days Inn, Comfort and Baymont back at Robertson where you get back on I 40 if you want to stay there. If you stay in this area you can go back to Wendell Smith's for breakfast.
Wendell Smith's @ 407 53rd Ave. North, Nashville, TN 615 - 383 - 7114.
If you pass up Wendell Smith's then you can get off I 40 at Exit
Arnold's Country Kitchen @ 605 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 615 - 256 - 4455.
Get off I 40 at Exit 238 in Lebanon, TN and go N on S Cumberland to Sunset Restaurant for good country food.  Get off I 40 at Exit 258 at Gordonsville, TN and go N on Gordonsville Highway to Timberloft for good BBQ and road food for lunch or dinner.  Get off I 40 at Exit 287 in Cookeville, TN and go N on S Jefferson to Maddux Station at E Spring Street for good road food. Go to Brass Lantern in Crossville for good road food. Dickey's has good BBQ and Halcyon is a fun dining choice.
Sunset Restaurant @ 640 South Cumberland St., Lebanon, TN 615 - 444 - 9530.
Timberloft Restaurant @ 470 Gordonsville Highway, Gordonsville, TN  615 - 683 - 5070.
Maddux Station Restaurant & Wine Bar @ 319 East Spring St., Cookeville, TN 931 - 854 - 0883.
Brass Lantern Restaurant and Lounge @ 79 Chestnut Hill Rd., Crossville, TN 931 - 484 - 7657.
Dickey's BBQ Pit @ 965 Northside Dr., Crossville, TN 931 - 484 - 4900.
Halcyon Days Restaurant @ 2444 Genesis Rd., Crossville, TN 931 - 456 - 3663.
Before you reach Knoxville get off I 40 at Exit 373 on the S side and hit the first street left on Parkside and go about a mile to Smokey Mountrain Brewery for pizza, burgers and steaks. Get back on I 75 and head N on I 75/I 40 past Knoxville.
Smokey Mountain Brewery @ 11308 Parkside Dr., Knoxville, TN 865 - 288 - 5500.
The folks that own Smokey Mountain own Copper Cellar just N of SM at Exit 380 S of I 40 on Parkside also convenient to plenty of shopping and just a minute off I 40. Both places are similar.
Copper Cellar Restaurant @ 7316 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 865 - 673 - 3422.
Unless you spend the night close to Knoxville, TN I would keep rolling and get on around Knoxville, TN and head E out of the traffic. Litton's is a good family restaurant in Knoxville, TN but it's not convenient to I 40. If you took the I 640 by pass around Knoxville, TN on the N side it's pretty convenient. Get off I 640 at Exit 6 and go N on N Broadway SE to Litton's for good country family food.
Litton's Market and Restaurant @ 2803 Essary Dr., Knoxville, TN 865 - 688 - 0429.
When you leave Knoxville, TN you may need to make a road stop.. If you want to get on past Knoxville here's a neat place 30 miles E of Knoxville with good seafood for lunch. If you don't eat you can rest and get a cold drink. Get off I 40 at Exit 417 and go S on Hwy. 92 a couple of miles to Dandridge, TN. This runs into Meeting St. Go 5/6 blocks to Dandridge Seafood Restaurant.
Dandridge Seafood Restaurant @ 310 East Meeting St., Dandridge, TN 865 - 397 - 2315.
I would rather go to Smoky's Steak and BBQ which is one street over on E. Main and before the Dandridge Seafood Restaurant. They have good burgers, salads, etc. I know you did not want BBQ but Smoky's is a very nice restaurant in an attractive location with outdoor dining on the front porch. Check this link for their menu.
Smoky's Steak and BBQ @ 149 East Main St., Dandridge, TN 865 - 397 - 2272.
Get off I 40 at Exit 432B in Newport, TN and go E on U. S. 25/70.  Go 2.2 miles to Fox and Hound Way and turn left  for good road food at Fox and Hound Supper Club.  There's a nice bar with 3 TV's for the game and great burgers, fresh seafood and steaks.  There's also outdoor dining. 
Fox and Hound Supper Club @ 127 Fox and Hound Way, Newport, TN 423 - 623 - 9161.
Get off I 40 at Exit 440 and go 2.1 miles W on Highway 73/32/Wilton Springs Road to Highway 32/73. Take a left and go to Shirley's Family Restaurant for good road food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  If you go to your first right past Shirley's and take a right go to Creekwalk Inn at Whisperwood Farm Resort for a fine B&B for overnight and good comfort food.
Shirley's Family Restaurant @ 2765 Cosby Highway, Cosby, TN 423 - 613 - 5515.  
Creekwalk Inn @ Whisperwood Farm @ 164 Midddle Creek Rd, Cosby, TN 423 - 487 - 4000.
Get off I 40 at Exit 447 in Hartford, TN  and go to Hartford Road. Take a left and go to Big Creek Road. Take a left and go to fine BBQ @ Pigeon River Smokehouse.  Mmmmmm........
Pigeon River Smokehouse @ 3105 Big Creek Rd., Hartford, TN 423 - 487 - 0061.
Get off I 40 at Exit 24 and go to Dean's Haywood Cafe for good comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
Dean's Haywood Cafe @ 3360 Crabtree Road., Waynesville, NC  828 - 627 - 9479.
Get off I 40 at Exit 27 and go SW on Highway 74/23 towards Waynesville, NC in case you want a great place for the night and good road food. Take Dellwood Road at Exit 103 and go to Granny's Chicken Palace for outstanding road food for lunch or dinner. If you go on Sunday get there early as there will be a big lunch crowd when they open. 
Granny's Chicken Palace @ 1168 Dellwood Road, Lake Junaluska, NC 828 - 452 - 9111.
If you want to spend the night check in The Waynesville Inn and have a fine dinner at Cork and Cleaver Steakhouse.  Go to Sweet Onion for casual dining for lunch or dinner. Go to Smoky Mountain Cafe for good comfort food for breakfast or lunch.  Go to Maggie's Galley Oyster Bar at Exit 102 off Smoky Mountain Expressway  for outstanding cold drinks, fresh seafood and steaks for lunch or dinner.  Go to Bogart's for outstanding fresh soups, salads, burgers and steaks.
Cork and Cleaver Steakhouse at The Waynesville Inn @ 176 Country Club Drive, Waynesville, NC 828 - 456 - 5988.
Sweet Onion @ 39 Miller Street, Waynesville, NC 828 - 456 - 5559.
Smoky Mountain Cafe @ 180 N Main Street, Waynesville, NC 828 - 452 - 3137.
Maggie's Galley Oyster Bar @ 49 Howell Mill Road, Waynesville, NC 828 - 456 - 8945.
Bogart's Restaurant @ 303 South Main Street, Waynesville, NC 828 - 452 - 1313.
Get off I 40 at Exit 31 in Canton, NC and go N on Buckeye Cove Road to Sagebrush Steakhouse for good  ribs, steaks and fresh seafood. Get off I 40 at Exit 31 in Canton, NC and go S for 1.8 mile to Clyde Road.  Take a right and go 1 mile to Morgan Street. Take a right and go to Mingus Street.  Take a left and go to Haywood Avenue.  Take a right and go .2 mile to Dillsboro Smokehouse for outstanding BBQ. Get of I 40 at Exit 44 and go SW on Smoky Park Highway to Miami Restaurant for good country food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Get off I 40 at Exit 47 in Asheville, NC and go S on Brevard Road to Moose Cafe for outstanding comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Get off I 40 at Exit 50 and go N on Hendersonville Road to All Souls Crescent.  Take a left and go to Corner Cafe for outstanding comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  If you happen to spend the night in Asheville, NC get off I 40 at Exit 50 and go N on Hendersonville Road to All Souls Crescent.  Take a right and go to Brooks Street.  Take a right and go to Fig for fine dining for lunch or dinner at Asheville's top restaurant.  Get off I 40 at Exit 59 and go N on Patton Cove Road to Highway 70.  Take a right and go to Oakie Dokie's Smokehouse for fine BBQ for lunch or dinner. 
Sagebrush Steakhouse @ 53 Buckeye Cove Road, Canton, North Carolina  828 - 646 - 3750.
Dillsboro Smokehouse BBQ @ 267 Haywood Ave., Canton, NC 828 - 586 - 9556.
Miami Restaurant @ 1469 Smoky Park Highway, Candler, NC 828 - 665 - 1213.
Moose Cafe @ 570 Brevard Road Asheville, NC 828 - 255 - 0920.
Corner Kitchen @ 3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 828 - 274 - 2439.
Fig Bistro @ 18 Brook Street, Asheville, NC 828 - 277 - 0889.
Oakie Dokie's Smokehouse @ 2375 Us 70 Highway, Swannanoa, NC 828 - 686 - 0050.