Sarris Candies, Canonsburg, PA

Junior Burger
2012/06/11 19:32:31
Sarris Candies had their grand re-opening last week, after being closed and rejuvenated because of a fire a while back.
Great news: it looks "the same" but also "better".  I'm only in Pennsylvania to visit Sarris about twice per year, so I don't have a strong visual memory to compare the before and after.  The ice cream shop in the front is pretty much the same.  The three candy rooms are brighter and seem more spacious.  They completely re-created a brand new castle built of chocolate, and the castle includes a non-chocolate miniature carousel in the center of it.
For children, a visit to Sarris is the equivalent of a Disney or Willy Wonka experience. Adults can appreciate the glitz and sparkly environment, too, knowing that the foundation of the experience is a family-owned business producing excellent, high quality treats that are genuinely special.
In my opinion, Sarris is high-quality candy and ice cream served in a magical store that is a must-try if you're in that area, and is even worth taking a trip detour if you're somewhat nearby.  Canonsburg is in southwestern Pennsylvania on I-79 just north of I-70. 
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Re:Sarris Candies, Canonsburg, PA 2012/06/11 20:25:44
Sarris was/is a special treat and during my years of moving around, I would buy Sarris candies for Easter if I happened to be in the Pittsburgh area sometime close to the holiday...  Now, through the magic of the internet, I have managed to fill baskets in Hawaii, Colorado and here in Wisconsin with wonderful memories from the Sarris company... 
The fire that struck the factory and showrooms distressed me terribly, but through it all, they were determined to satisfy their customers, and this year, even though some of the grandkids favorite molds were not being used, everyone ended up quite happy.... 
I did get a bit of a giggle, though, when reading about the fire...  They had to set up a special washing station for the firefighters to get the melting chocolate off of their raincoats and boots...  My solution to that problem would have been to set up a 'licking' station.....
The photos of the reopening are wonderful, and the family feel of the whole business and the community support are great to see...  I wish them many more years of successful business....
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Sarris Candies, Canonsburg, PA 2012/06/12 08:38:36
Sarris Candy is wonderful.  That is where my business buys all of it's Christmas candy to give to customers.  I have also bought chocolate Oscars there for Academy Awards viewing parties. 
So glad that they have reopened.
Re:Sarris Candies, Canonsburg, PA 2012/06/12 12:50:40
Glad to see that they are still in biz.  I remember both them and Sotus from New Castle from my very happy (and well-fed!)Western Pennsylvania youth.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Sarris Candies, Canonsburg, PA 2012/06/13 09:02:26
Great candy, the colorful ice cream shop, and the statue of Perry Como.  What more do you need?