All You Can Eat in Tucson

Junior Burger
2004/02/26 20:03:28
Anyone ever eat at a All You Can Eat resturant where steak was included? In Tucson a place called the Golden Corral serves steak the way you want, R,MR,M,MW,for those who like leather-well done. I have been to the Hometown Buffet in our area but this place put it to shame. They sure like their beef in Tucson and it had a great flavor, cooked over an open flame.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: All You Can Eat in Tucson 2004/03/09 20:53:41
We had a Golden Corral here in Fresno and it closed ![|)] That all you can eat steak was actually good! And I remember on their shrimp fest nites they also featured 10 different kinds of shrimp! I was so sorry to see them close!
Filet Mignon
RE: All You Can Eat in Tucson 2004/03/09 22:39:10
There are Golden Corrals in practically every state and according to their website ( many of them have the all-you-can-eat steak on their buffet. I know the one closest to us does. They have a location finder on their website.
TJ Jackson
RE: All You Can Eat in Tucson 2004/03/10 08:41:13
There are several Golden Corral's here in Cincinnati, always crowded, and all of them offer the all you care to eat steak. Mind you, the steak isn't of good quality or anything, and is always a thin cut - good for well done, not so good for rare/mr.