Junior Burger
2012/06/14 11:20:19
I have purchased my takeout this year and hopefully will be opening up in July.  There is currently a ice cream dipping freezer (6) and it appears to be in working order.  The seals on the sides do need replacing but there seems to be gaps where the plexiglass meets the top of the unit.  It is one of those flip up tops.  I only plan to be open for three days a week to start so I am wondering if these units are energy guzzlers.  I am not sure how these units work, obviously colder in the bottom and warmer on top.  I have thought of using some sort of insulating blanket when I am not open the four days/week so save on energy.  Are there any tips on the best way to use these dipping freezers.  I thought a regular freezer may work better, but these dipping machines seem to be everywhere, so they cannot be that bad.  What are people's experience running these freezers cost wise?
Bistro a go-go
Re:ICE CREAM DIPPING FREEZERS 2012/06/14 16:56:17
replace all seals and close up any openings as these cause compressors to burn up prematurely. insulation blanket sound like a good idea. if it doesnt lose the freezing temp they should only come on on occaision to pull temp back down. as far as energy useage theyre not like a household fridge ususally with 1/4 or 1/8th hp compressors and u probably have 1/2 hp low temp compressor so figure 3 time a home fridge. they dont have crap for real insulation.