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Junior Burger
2012/06/14 20:26:02
We are in our second year of operations as a food vendor at various events. This year we got accepted to a county fair and we are really excited as it will be our biggest event to date. My question is, we have to have a cash register that has a Z function and provide tape at the end of each day to the fair. There are tons out there. I dont want to spend a ton of money since this is so far our only fair this year. Any suggestions on what to look for in a register? Thanks!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Cash Register ect 2012/06/14 22:20:13
Last thing I want is the promoter counting MY till.
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Re:Cash Register ect 2012/06/15 10:16:43
Chef, looked into a new event coming down here in our region of the woods. 10 x 10 space, $100.00; plus,  everything is purchased with tickets, promoters gets 20%, if caught taking cash selling food, they take 35%, PLUS now get this, they also take out whatever is needed to pay your city and state sales tax. I`ll be out of town the weekend this happens, but I`d love to go there and see what fools signed up for this one.
Junior Burger
Re:Cash Register ect 2012/06/15 13:07:50
Costco has some pretty reasonably priced cash registers if you decide to go new.  Here in Nova Scotia I had checked into the event fees.  I believe they take 10% and from that your site fee is deducted.  Also, it is a "honor system", most everyone has a portable cash box.  But then where I live, people sell fruit, vegetables, eggs, firewood etc on the side of the road with the cash tin or jar right there!
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Re:Cash Register ect 2012/06/15 14:41:44
Look at the big box store in Auburn .....100 or less.
Re:Cash Register ect 2012/06/15 18:00:01
try staples they had a sharp forget the model but they offer register rewards on many items so u can get some of your money back and they also have coupons online sometimes for 10-20 off a 60-100 dollar purchase.
Example: I bought 2 packs of batteries ( 1 AAA, 1 AA for 10.99 each ) used 2- 2.00 off coupons paid 18.00 plus tax, got the register reward for 22.00 back then bought a XEA- 106 they had on sale for 99.00 and offered a 50.00 rewards I also had a coupon for 20.00 off a purchase of 100.00 so.....
I paid 99.00-20.00 coupon-22.00 previous reward=55.00 then got my 50.00 register reward back later so it only cost me 5.00 in the end for the register...which I may not even use but can't pass up a also has deals online with free shipping as well if not near you.
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Re:Cash Register ect 2012/06/16 18:47:04
yea i'm with the chef on this one counts my till but one! my register has a z count and an x count.but have never used them.. sams 99 bucks