369 Cheap Eats in Phoenix, AZ!

2012/06/14 21:16:38
Just received my July 2012 hard copy issue of Phoenix Magazine ( www.phoenixmag.com ) and it features 20 pages of the 369 Deliriously Delicious Dishes for under $12 that you can find in the Valley of the Sun. The on-line version won't be out for a while but check back.
It's a great collection of Roadfood type eats in all the categories like, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Haute Cheap, Pizza, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Latin and South American, Burgers,as well as 5 Fabulous Food Trucks and also lists where Kids under 10 can eat free!   
There's not one dish in there that's not amazing for the Money. It'll take me months to get to them all.
If your travel plans include Phoenix in the future, you need this edition as your guide. Forget Yelp, Zaget, Urbanspoon and the rest.
I think I'll start at Cafe Bink - www.cafebink.com with their House-made Hot Dog that took Chef Kevin Binkley, a James Beard 2012 finalist, and his crew 6 months to perfect the flavor and texture!
How often do you get to eat a Hot Dog made by a James Beard Finalist? AND it's 40% off during Happy Hour! 
Their French Fries are considered the "Best in the Valley"! 
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:369 Cheap Eats in Phoenix, AZ! 2012/06/15 05:55:36
I'm hoping to get back this fall.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:369 Cheap Eats in Phoenix, AZ! 2012/06/15 08:47:53
Might need to go visit the parents in PHX this fall....
Re:369 Cheap Eats in Phoenix, AZ! 2012/06/16 04:53:18
The On-line and Newsstand issues of The Phoenix Magazine have been released! Too bad none of the pictures are on-line but you can access their web sites.