Duck fat fries...

Junior Burger
2012/06/18 13:58:40
I'm planning on using duck fat exclusively in my fryer, and need some resources on where to locate bulk amounts of it.  I found one place out of PA, I think it was like Pekin Paradise, or something similar.  They have 5 gal buckets for around $140. 
Anyone else used it in their fryers?  What kind of real-world time can you get out of it (i.e., typical peanut oil or shortening only lasts for a few days of high volume, even if it's filtered religiously every shift)?  Any issues with the health dept. from using it?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/18 20:44:19
Don't know how long you will get out of it, only used it for one or two nights in a row for a special, then tossed.
Let's say you get a week out of it, your pushing $200 for fry oil. You would have to sell a hell of a lot of fries to justify that kind of cost.
I bitch about the $60 a week I spend on oil.
One of my suppliers carries it, $48 & change for an 8lb tub.
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Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/18 21:10:00
You can expect to pay between $6-$8 minimum for an order of duck fries in NYC. You have to cost out the entire menu. This is a food truck (little to no atmosphere) not in NYC LA or SF and combined with every other menu item...what would a customer expect to pay for a meal? Based on their expectations....vs. your expectations of what you think should be part of the experience with the very costly complex methods you plan to build-in to the concept.

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Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/18 21:27:31
We ate duck fat fries at a place called Burger & Beer Joint in South Beach (Miami Beach), FL.   They were very good, and cost $6 for a "bucket" that is a decent size side item for 2 people.   It is  high end burger joint where a regular beef burger goes for about $12, and the prices go sky high on silly items like wagyu beef (which does not make good burgers in my opinion).    Anyway, the point is that to be able to charge $6+ for fries, it will probably have to be at a high end type place to begin with.  Nobody will want to pay $6+ dollars for fries at a place that sells $2.49 burgers.  It's the expectation level that a  $12-$32 burger joint, people won't blink at $6 fries.  The $6 fries won't fly at the $2-$3 burger stand.    
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/18 22:00:02
We do fried potatoes in duck fat for catering, not in a deep fryer, but in a 500 plus oven, and use hand cut raw potatoes with very little duck fat compared to deep frying.  I can't image the sell price if maintaining a commercial deep fryer with duck fat.  Then its also a given you are doing your own hand cut fries....par cooking in duck fat also?, all this in a food truck?
Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/18 22:33:51
The smoke point of duck fat/peanut oil is about -75/+75 degrees.
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Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/19 10:10:05
youve got to think of what EVERYONE will buy and not what you'de like to find on a food truck. makes for a lot larger audience and customer pool. also you want repeat customers and those that might have buyers remorse for such a luxury might walk right by you next time around or avoid the sticker shock. just an opinion,...fwiw. most everyone is pinching pennies.
on the other hand, if you can find a duck processor (in china likely) that will sell it cheap enough and product meets or exceeds your expectations, go for it.
google 'duck processing' and see what comes up. if wallymart finds out theres a market, youll buy it off the shelf cheap, laughing,..
Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/19 10:23:46
You may attract the "green" people with the some other ideas you have...but the duck fat will get many of them to chirp at you.
Bistro a go-go
Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/19 10:49:28
matter of fact, im calling the aspca and tell them youre killing a bunch of ducks for their fat. whats your address??
Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/19 10:55:34
With the foie gras ban going into effect in a few weeks for California...those people are going to protest the fries next. Watch.. The price is rising for duck fat. They scored the baby...the bathwater is sure to come under scrutiny.
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Re:Duck fat fries... 2012/06/19 11:05:52
SMM, you might contact Doug Sohn of Hot Doug's in Chicago and ask him where he gets his fat, as duck fat fries are one of his marquee items (Saturdays only).  Since you're in Florida you wouldn't quite be in competition with him.