Anyone relember JUICY LUCY'S fast-food restaurants

2012/06/24 10:12:42
They were based out of Ft. Myers and had 20 or so Florida locations, primarily on the Gulf Coast, and did quite well in the 80's & 90's.  They also had stores in Maryland, Colorado, and Wisconsin.
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Re:Anyone relember JUICY LUCY'S fast-food restaurants 2012/06/24 13:21:38
Hey MJ, the last half dozen or so of the Juicy Lucy's double drive-thru's here in SW Florida closed back around 2008/2009, when the economy went down the tubes. They had their high water mark (as far as # of locations) back in the late 80's when they took over most of the Checker's stores in the Ft Myers/Punta Gorda/Naples market.
In the end, they didn't have the cash for marketing & advertising, and their menus didn't keep up w/ the "value orientation" (which Mickey D's excelled at) called for by the recession & unemployment of the past several yrs. It's too bad, as they made a decent burger! Also didn't realize that they were operating in the other states you mentioned.
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Re:Anyone relember JUICY LUCY'S fast-food restaurants 2012/06/25 10:40:15
I don't recall ever seeing them you remember what part of Wisconsin they were in?
Re:Anyone relember JUICY LUCY'S fast-food restaurants 2012/06/25 13:31:01
There was on I-94 between Racine and Milwaukee, west side of the highway.  It was part of a gas station/mini mart complex.  I think it's a Wendy's now.  We always noticed it because it was abe_froeman's real first name--Lucy, not "juicy".  We stopped in once on our way up to Irish Fest.  Food was okay, nothing special.
This was years before we knew about the  "jucy lucy" burgers of the Twin Cities.  As I recall there was nothing on the menu that resembled the cheese stuffed burgers from the northwest.  I don't think there was any connection between the chain and the Minnesota burger.