Great Grouper @ Deluxe: Wilmington, NC

Junior Burger
2012/06/27 22:55:13
Just spent a few days in Wilmington, NC.  Most will tell you to eat along the Cape Fear River at the establishments on the water- DON'T!!!  Grab a drink & some apps, but save the main course for elsewhere.  While the atmosphere is great, there are better places to eat a few blocks away if you are willing to give up the view.  
Someone suggested we try Deluxe(114 Market St) for a great grouper dish.  Pan seared, over lump crab, red potato and asparagus(roasted).  Finished with proscuitto-fennel and bernaise sauce.  $27, so not too cheap- webisite claims a "casual upscale," atmosphere.  I hate wine, but others raved about the selection. We went for the blueberry poundcake(seasonal) for dessert, and it was terrific as well.  Rest of the menu looked great.  I suggest you go if in Wilmington- this dish was really, really good.  And stay at the Graystone B&B if you want to round out the Wilimington experience.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Great Grouper @ Deluxe: Wilmington, NC 2012/06/29 12:56:58
Great Grouper to me is a fried Grouper sandwich. I call them the Fla version of the Indiana BPT!