Perhaps not the right place?

2012/06/29 13:59:48
I was in a Asian grocery store today at half past one. It is Korean owned.  There are three people eating their lunch out of take out contains, chomping away behind the counter. There is also the owner's son, but he is not eating, just working and ringing in sales.
His friends, or whatever they were, were Caucasian.  They do not work there either, so it's not like they had to be have a quick bit to eat before working. There is always somewhere to eat.
As a customer, it is kinda disconcerting to have people chomping away behind a work counter, who do nto work there, and look like slobs in a crammed quarters. I purchased my veggies  and left.
It seems unprofessional to me.
Re:Perhaps not the right place? 2012/06/29 16:58:52
I agree, no one behind my counters except hands to the mouth by employees in full view...they eat at the counters when they have a break, wash hands in full view!
Re:Perhaps not the right place? 2012/06/29 17:16:46
Slave etc.,
Doesn't sound like you've spent any time in Asia. What you witnessed is the norm over there. Many shopkeepers and their families live in their businesses - Eat and Sleep there. As far as the friends go, can't explain that but eating in the shop is normal, everyday life to them. You were just in their world.
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Re:Perhaps not the right place? 2012/06/29 17:17:52
Ran into the same thing at Frank Pepe's in Manchester, CT.  Everybody in the food prep area was stuffing their faces and licking their fingers.  I'll cross that place off my list.
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Re:Perhaps not the right place? 2012/06/29 17:20:53
Grocery store, not restaurant, right? I can see having an issue if they were prepping food meant to be eaten immediately while eating, but as Foodbme said, it's the norm in Asian culture. I wouldn't have a problem with it at a grocery store, since I would be washing whatever vegetables I bought anyway. Completely different if it was a lunch counter!