Las Vegas Strip

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2012/07/04 02:33:31
I've searched through the previous posts, but I'll be staying at Planet Hollywood and won't have a car. So I need stuff close by or public transportation tips for a day trip. I have one day off. Thanks in advance!
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/04 03:07:50
You can get an all day bus pass fairly cheaply and there is a bus that runs from Fremont street to the Strip
Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/04 11:31:14
I was in Vegas a few years ago with RedPatti and Jeff.  We had breakfast at Hash House-a-go-go.  Huge portions and very good.  One night we ate at Bouchon in the Venezia.  One of the best meals I have ever had.  Don't know Vegas well enough to know if these two are in close proximity to Planet Hollywood but I would definitely recommend both.  Especially Bouchon.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 00:57:55
Thanks I love Bouchon in Los Angeles.If I can afford it, I'm also thinking Picasso or Guy Savoy. But I'm looking for affordable.
I remember people used to talk abut a Thai buffet. I wonder if it's still there and if I can get there.
PS Where should I eat in Fremont?
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 08:20:53
The Wicked Spoon Buffet (across Las Vegas Blvd. from Planet Hollywood) has been given decent ratings from Yelp ( ), and is claimed to have some Thai food.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 09:13:56
I had the same challenge a while ago ...
Smith & Wollensky did not disappoint (fun pretzel bread) (not cheap)
I always liked Gallagher's in NYNY a bit better (not cheap).
I walked to the German place across from Hard Rock and enjoyed a lunch.
Ellen is your EXPERT on buffets (her Facebook has some pointers) ... maybe we can get her to come out of hiding to share her experiences from last week.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 09:32:39
If you make your dinner reservations at the discount ticket shop in the Hawaiian Village on The Strip, you will get a 2 for 1 discount at most places.  I can't remember the name of the place, but I think it is in the block next to Planet Hollywood.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 12:43:30
Thanks for the tips! Keep em coming!
Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 13:12:55
Best buffet I actually had there was at Bally's.  The chef brought out a new prime rib roast for me and carved just the piece I wanted, even though there was almost half another roast sitting on the carving board at the time.   It was more "cafeteria style" than some of the higher end buffets you see now, but man was it good.  Everything was fresh and delicious, and if I'm not mistaken, Planet Hollywood is not too far from Bally's.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/05 18:18:05
I remember people used to talk abut a Thai buffet.

That would be Lotus of Siam, which has a lunch buffet and is truly a great Thai restaurant.  I would probably go at dinner and order from the menu, but it is really good either way.  There is an excellent dim sum joint named Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast Casino.  Not on the strip, but not far from the Planet Hollywood casino either.  There is also a lot of fine albeit random asian food on Springer Mountain Road, if you have some time to rent a gypsy cab and wander...
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/06 00:58:17
aha Lotus of Siam!
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/06 16:03:13
For a fairly high-end place with a sort of Rat Pack era atmosphere you could try Piero's, which is close to the convention center.   Sort of like Musso Franks.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/06 16:19:28
Ditto on Piero's ... sat at the bar and enjoyed the atmosphere/food.
Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/06 17:34:37
Bosa off of Spring Mountain Road is the most unique, and delicious Vietnamese food my husband and I have ever had. We cabbed there several times on our Vegas honeymoon. It is a hole -in-the-wall located in a strip mall, but I can't recommend it highly enough. Small, family-owned and run - you will get a ton of personal attention, especially if you let them know you are an adventurous eater. The inexpensive cost of a meal will justify the cab ride. Order Crab soup, summer rolls and any of the broken rice dishes - be sure to try the yummy green drink that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of.
mr chips
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/06 23:48:33
Treasure island casino has a branch of Cantor's Deli. I liked it but it was 6 years ago.
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/09 21:58:56
ooo good ideas!
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Re:Las Vegas Strip 2012/07/10 07:40:45
Take the Duece bus to Freemont St / old Las Vegas.  A short walk away is Mammacita's, a very good Mexican/Cuban restaurant. The Ropa Vieja was excellent.  The Freemont Street Experience was worth seeing to us.
Mamacita’s Mexicn & Cuban Resaurant – 611 E. Fremont St. (702)474-7033
(across from El Cortez)
Lunch/ M-F: 10:00-5:00PM
Sun-Thurs: 9:00-10:00PM  F-Sat: 9:00-11:00PM