Storms and no power

Fire Safety Admin
2012/07/04 06:42:28
Friday June 29th a huge storm rolled thru here and a lot of the rest of the mid-atlantic. A lot of damage around me but none in my immediate area. Reports of a lot of people w/o power. I'm fine.
Saturday about 930PM, 24 hrs after the storm my power goes out. It's still out 4 days later and maybe another 3 or 4 days. SUCKS big time.
I have a generator, mostly because PP would have needed power for her O2 machine. Fortunately we never needed it then. Saturday night I went ahead and had a shower about 30 mins later, so I would still have hot water. Went into to work. When I got home Sunday AM and power was still out I fired up the genny to power my freezer and fridge, a fan for me and my stereo for some tunes. Later added cell phone and iPad chargers. Thanks again Ralph Melton! The ipad has been great.
Sunday night back to work, genny shut down. Monday AM still no power, fired up the genny. Neighbor, 74 years old comes and ask if I could supply him some power for his freezer. Of course I can, glad to. His freezer is ~130 feet from my genny. I have 50ft of #12 extension cord left so I sent him to town for another 100ft. I insist he get either 12 or 10 gauge for that long of a run. When he gets back he's fussing about the cost, almost 125 bucks for 2 50 footers. I reming him of the 1,000+ bucks worth of food in the freezer.
We get the cord strung and I loan him a HD 3-way tap so he can power his fridge and a light or fan too. His wife, 72, says she'll bake me 2 pies for each day I supply power. :) ! She makes the BEST pie.
Well we're about to start the 5th day w/o power. Biggest problem is the heat. I'm having trouble sleeping during the day due to the heat. I'm able to cook and due most everything else except cool the house. Plenty of food and water put away but water supplies not needed, city water still on. So is landline phone & cellular. Only the damn power is out. Good thing I can buy more gasoline. Neighbor bought 6 gals yesterday. Thank you very much! I'm burning 6-8 gals a day.
To add insult to injury everyone North of my driveway has power. Insert multiple choice words here.
So, when I get home today we'll see. Fingers crossed, belly rubbed and prayers sent. I don't like ruffin it.
ann peeples
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 07:41:17
Mike, I feel for you and the millions out there without power. I can barely tolerate the heat now, much less in your situation.....fingers crossed for you...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 08:44:54
I agree Ann! The older I get the less I seem to tolerate the heat. My heart goes out to all those without power.
Filet Mignon
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 09:04:10
I know a lot of power company guys and gals. A few are lazy bureaucrats, but most really want to do a great job.
I served some time as an engineering officer in the Marine Corps reserve. One of my subordinates/friend, was a lineman and union official. He predicted these problems 20 years ago.
Regulators and stockholder beholden' management decided that electric UTILITIES should be run more like a business. It is easy to cut costs by cutting staffing. Why use a highly paid lineman to cut grass, paint, or trim trees???? Private companies can bid on these jobs, and save lots of money. The trouble is that there is no pool of "extra" linemen to call on when there is an emergency. 
When you have been without power for 24 to 36 hours, the idea of paying a little more for better reliability does not seem like a bad trade off. 
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 12:06:05
We were spared by the Friday storm thank God.  Thousands in Central Ohio lost power, had cars and homes crushed by trees, power lines down, a real nightmare.  They say some folks won't have power restored until week without power.  We tried to go to our favorite Italian market, Carfagna's, on Monday to get some Ohio grown tomatoes.  Most of the traffic lights were out so it was a gridlock just trying to get there.  When we did arrive, they were closed, no power.  The ride back home was equally as gruelling.  A second storm rolled through on Sunday and did more damage......again we were spared.
Filet Mignon
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 19:26:53
My sister, in Virginia, near DC was out overnight, but nearby folks have been out for days. Crews are coming in from all over the country to help, but it takes time to get there. Last October, we had crews from Ohio, Long Island, and Canada to help out here in central Massachusetts. God bless the linemen. (and women)
Root-Beer Man
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 20:14:38
Glad to hear you were prepped, Mike. We were at the western edge of it and got it when it started. Wind was something awful and we had some trees down in the area, but no major power losses in my area. Ft. Wayne has areas that are still out. Just glad it passed us by with as little damage as possible.
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/04 23:41:01
Mikes.. you did a kind thing. I hope you get your power back soon.
Re:Storms and no power 2012/07/05 01:11:41
Who's controlling the weather anyway?????
For MONTHS we've had no rain.
Forests are disappearing in wildfires.
Temps from 105 to 115!" />
Then today of all days, the 4th of July, we get Downpours and flash flooding.
The high was 77 degrees!
Fortunately the rain stopped about 2PM to allow major fireworks displays to go on as scheduled but many cookouts were soaked.