Buffalo's last German restaurant (Scharf Schiller) is closing

Double Cheeseburger
2012/07/04 12:18:37
Scharf's Schiller Park Restaurant, Buffalo's last true German restaurant, is closing by the end of the month:
Like many other Great Lakes cities, Buffalo used to have a significant German population. The closing of Scharf's is a sign of the times, though. The only other restaurant in Buffalo I know of that has German items on the menu is Ulrich's.
Re:Buffalo's last German restaurant (Scharf Schiller) is closing 2012/07/04 19:29:50
they have great food but the area is in a high crime residental area.their street is a small deadend area which isnt to bad but the other streets around it are very bad.it may be safe to eat inside ,but i'd worry about my car and going to it.thats's just during the day .don't get me started about nightime.