Gourmet Truck Nor Cal vs AZ Help

Junior Burger
2012/07/08 19:24:01
Anyone In Nor Cal (North Bay) that I can meet and chat with about Pros n Cons, hurdles to this area.  We are trying to decide which area to launch and which to just do events.
Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
Re:Gourmet Truck Nor Cal vs AZ Help 2012/07/08 22:30:25
First the area health departments.
Re:Gourmet Truck Nor Cal vs AZ Help 2012/07/08 23:17:50
If you do an Internet search with the location(s) you are considering + food truck regulations it will lead you to the specific agencies you will need to contact & usually various local support organization in larger area and/or media coverage of the happenings within the landscape as well as sources of vendors currently operating with their trials & tribulations...



San Francisco...