New England Road trip!

2012/07/12 17:59:57
Happy Mouth is on the move at the end of the month! Road tripping though New England will take us to Burlington, VT., Portland ME., Boston, MA, Providence, RI., Saratoga Springs, NY. and Lake Placid, NY. Suggestions on sights and food welcome!
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/12 18:16:07
Hey big666dog, you might want to ask the mods to move this over to the "Where Should I Eat?" forum. 
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/12 18:39:30
Will do. Thanks!
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/12 19:28:04
I'll suggest J's Oyster in Portland ... WJ will say he didn't like it ... I still find it to be a superb spot (but I will, as I always have said, don't get there during busy lunch or dinner time.)
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/12 20:41:39

Will do. Thanks!

Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/12 21:26:09
I will second the suggestion of J's Oyster in Portland. We love the place.
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/12 21:39:16
I got this from a friend in Burlington:
Leunig's Church St....French
Bluebird Riverside Ave   BBQ
Tratorria Delia....downtown...Northern Italian
Shanty On The Shore...Battery St. seafood
Daily Planet downtown...nice ..where the locals go...
Farmhouse Tap and Grill....upscale burgers and brews....local
Pho Dang...No Winooski Ave Vietnamese
Silver Palace...Williston Road...upscale Asian
Sherpa Kitchen...downtown...Tebetan
Magnolia's downtown...breakfast/brunch
Sneakers Winooski....breakfast/brunch
Do Pedro's...Winooski    Mexican
Peking Duck House Winooski....all around best Asian/Japanese...
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/14 18:20:24
In Burlington; the best bagel I've ever had is at Myers Across the street is a small market to pick up local cheeses and a locally smoked tuna to go on the bagel.
I didn't enjoy Leunig's Bistro.
Loved the American Flatbread, good for beer lovers, also
Also Penny Cluse Cafe for breakfast and lunch
Did not care for Vermont Pub and Brewery.
In Portland Maine some casual suggestion, Portland has quite a bit of wonderful, fine dining like 555, but there's so much good food for a town its size, even the casual places have high standards.  I recommend Duckfat
Hot Suppa!
Portland has excellent bakeries, Scratch Bakery
The Standard Baking Company, One Fifty Ate
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/14 20:06:53
You are going to some of my favorite places, #1 of which is Lake Placid!
For breakfast, we have always loved the Downtown Diner. (near the skating rink)
For Lunch,  SaranacSourdough  on Saranac Avenue.  My favorite is the Jerk Chicken sandwich - blazing spicy with a slice of pineapple on cinnamon raisin bread.
The Cottage overlooks Mirror Lake, and is a great place for a light lunch, or drinks.
We've never settled on any one place for dinner since the late, great Alpine Cellar closed (*sigh*).  Cafe Rustica is good, and everyone raves about Caribeean Cowboy, although we've never been.
For sightseeing, a trip to the top of the Olympic Ski Jump is alot of fun.  Any tour of the Olympic sights is worthwhile, and if you are there while the Summer Olympics are happening, it is especially meaningful.  Take the drive and spend some time at the Adirondack Museum, it's a very special place.
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/14 20:17:42
Oh, you're going to Saratoga Springs, too!  Hubby and I will be there for the races in August.
Our favorites are: PJ's BBQ (which has just undergone a major renovation)  and
Spa Brauhaus, in Ballston Spa (German food in a time warp restaurant)
Besides the lovely race track, we have gone to the Saratoga Battlefield, which has an excellent audio car tour, and wonderful hiking and bike paths.
The Saratoga Spa park is beautiful, and has public pools, as well as the mineral springs that is supposedly great for your health.  There is also an extremely interesting car museum.
Have a great time!!
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/29 21:33:38
THANKS,! We tried the FarmHouse Tap and Grill tonight. It was excellent!

Here's a link to our posting: 
carlton pierre
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/30 08:33:18 in Boston.  A fascinating restaurant serving local food.  excellent reviews.  I ate there a month ago and would love to go again.
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/30 09:23:41
Tony's Donut Shop in Portland is a favorite - their molasses donuts are classic.  Home of the smallest "small cup" of coffee I've ever seen, though.
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/30 23:05:29
Thanks WhereGreggEats and WallHD! We went to J's Oyster tonight and really enjoyed it. Here's a rundown on this leg of the journey:
New Post - The road to Portland, ME. Lobster, clams, lobster and, uh, lobster.
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/07/31 21:35:34
New post: from Maine to Massachusetts. A unique breakfast dockside and the best of New England seafood.
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/08/03 08:14:57
Dinner in the North End for Italian tonight.  
Here's an excerpt and photos from our posting: 
"Dinner tonight is in the North End, famous for Italian food. We have 7:00 reservations at Al Dente. The North End is quaint with narrow streets and small tratorrias and gelaterias. 
Al Dente is a small place seating about 60. It is busy, very loud and cramped. It feels like you are eating at a big Italian family event. Classic white Italian loaf and butter packets arrive with menus. Service is understandable harried but friendly. Our Barolo is delivered to the table and poured into cheap red wine glasses. I kind of expected tumblers but this is typical. 
We want to try a few things so we order the lobster ravioli starter and  the caprese salad. Both are large portions for starters. Four large lobster and ricotta stuffed ravioli swim in a decadent cream rose sauce with more chunks of lobster and fresh garlic and tomatoes...and Parmesan cheese. Take that Scott Conant, of the school of "it's wrong to serve cheese with seafood". The caprese is almost classic but has the addition of red onion which does not add to the delicateness of this already perfect combo. The tomatoes tonight are average, the fresh mozzarella is thick cut and rounded out by a balsamic syrup reduction and a chiffonade of fresh basil. 
For mains I order the shrimp and calamari fra diavolo and Rob orders the gnocchi with sausage. My linguine is perfectly cooked and there is a very nice heat from chili peppers. The calamari is plentiful, the shrimp are not. The portion is huge. I can only eat about 1/3. 
Rob's gnocchi is served in a plum tomato sauce with sundried tomatoes, capers, basil, pecorino romano and Parmesan cheese, mushrooms and white wine with addition of plentiful 1 1/2-ince slices of sweet sausage. The richness of the cooked-down tomatoes is multiplied by the sun-dried tomato and cheese. The whole dish is meaty, hearty and substantial. So substantial, that he could manage only half." 
Al Dente was great... A real family vibe... Noisy, raucous, in fact, and the food was great, home-cooked Italian-American. 
Here's a link to the complete post: 
New Post: Boston's history, it's ghosts and the North End. 
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Re:New England Road trip! 2012/08/03 13:41:27
      I took a two hour Boston bus tour.  Ben Franklin's old print shop is now a Staples.