New England Road trip!

2012/07/12 18:40:18
Happy Mouth is on the move at the end of the month! Road tripping though New England will take us to Burlington, VT., Portland ME., Boston, MA, Providence, RI., Saratoga Springs, NY. and Lake Placid, NY. Suggestions on sights and food welcome!
Junior Burger
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/10/04 11:13:54
Hi Hamburger,
We have stopped in Lake Placid, twice this year and have a couple recommendations.  Last weekend we ate at the Cowboy restaurant, located right on the main road thru LP, near the McDonalds and on the same side of the road.  We split the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls appetizer.  They were unlike any spring rolls I have ever had.  The were fried crispy and loaded with spicy flavor , served with a dipping sauce of rice wine vinegar and chili sauce.  I would certainly order them again.  We each had a salad, Caesar and Cobb with chicken.  The lettuce was crispy in both and the Cobb dressing was good but the flat chicken tenders were dry from grilling.  Get it without the chicken if you want that salad.  I ordered the Caesar because it advertised lots of anchovies, one of my favorite treats, and parm cheese.  The grated cheese was sparse and out of a box.  The anchovies were forgotten until I got the waitress to get some and then they were marinated in vinegar, not the salty type.  In spite of this, I want to return to Cowboy to try some of their more exotic fare, such as Korean BBQ and Vietnamese pulled pork.  There are other interesting dishes offered but I can't remember them right now. 
Another good restaurant on the road between LP and Saranac Lake is the Tail of the Pup.  Skip the oysters on half shell since they don't know how to shuck them properly, leaving the oyster still attached to the half shell.  But the BBQ ribs and pulled pork are top shelf.
I hope these recommendations don't arrive too late for your trip.
dave g
Re:New England Road trip! 2012/10/04 11:24:23
It looks like the trip is already complete based on this   report
However I'm sure your recommendations will be valuable for those traveing to Lake Placid in the future