weight limits

Junior Burger
2012/07/13 22:48:20
Hey guys,
im going to hopefully pickup the 16' p30 i shared in the other thread tomorrow. A friend just warned me to check its weight limits on it as its suspension might not be strong enough to handle the kitchen requirmenet, he said p30's came with different load limits. is this true? or is this guy pulling it out his ear (or other body part that rhymes with bass)?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:weight limits 2012/07/14 04:31:18
This should be easy to check.  The vehicle weight and gross operating weight is listed on the manufacture's decal at the driver's door.  The axle capacity is limited by the tire size & number or the maximum legal weight of the axle.    For single drive axle trucks, the maximum legal weight 12000 front & 20000lb rear axle.
This article might help with loading and installing equipment.  http://www.worktruckonline.com/Channel/Safety-Accident-Management/Article/Story/2011/09/Calculating-Commercial-Vehicle-Weight-Distribution-Payload-Made-Easy/Page/1.aspx
Vic Cardenas
Re:weight limits 2012/07/14 14:58:36
That's true. P30's came in a variety of GVWR's. A good way to tell is by how many lugs they have on the wheels. 8 lugs are 10,500-12,300; 10 lugs are for 14,500-16,000. Also, if for some odd reason the GVWR isn't listed, you can find it (a range) by decoding the VIN.
Mine is a 10,500 and I'm afraid that it may have exceeded the capacity by how it rides when it's full. I've noticed most food trucks are around 12,000 to 14,000.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:weight limits 2012/07/14 20:37:07
Or,  check the tire manufacture's rating of the installed tire.   The Fed maximum tire load:
Tire Limitations
The weight supported on a tire may not exceed 600 pounds per inch width of tire, if that tire is on:
• A steering axle;
• An axle equipped with dual tires; or
• A trailer towed by a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle
Weight Rating of 11,000 pounds or less.
The weight supported by tires mounted on other axles may not exceed 500 pounds per inch width of tire.
Which ever is least.
Junior Burger
Re:weight limits 2012/07/17 07:47:47
Hey Vic
I just read some of your posts and thought you might need some help in getting a correct information on your truck.  You are welcome to call me anytime you have questions on the truck.  I hope you were able to install the compressor and run the system correctly, otherwise you can run into problems.  Always check your expansion valve on the cold plate and make sure that the prob is attached to the return line with braces.   
Unfortunately we are working on several new truck projects and our parts department is swamped with parts order, however if you call me directly I can help you immediately to get the truck working right.
Vic Cardenas
Re:weight limits 2012/07/25 18:54:13
Hey, Zhorzh! How's it going? Are you referring to posts I made in other threads? Namely the "Cold Plate Refrigerator Advice" thread? I do have the compressor installed, expansion valve is installed correctly with the probe attached to the return line. I'm pretty sure the system is running correctly but the big problem is insulation and the fridge is too large in volume. I think the correct step for me is to take the entire thing apart, replace and beef up all the insulation. Unfortunately, AA didn't build and insulate this thing with "long term" and rot in mind.  I'll call you if I have any questions. Thanks!