EUREKA! Fresh Cheese Curds in Tempe, AZ!!

2012/07/26 00:35:10
The United Darymen of AZ have a large processing plant on the SW corner of Broadway & Hardy in Tempe with an attached retail store called "Milk n' More".
Every Thursday is Fresh Cheese Curds Day!
You can watch them make the Curds and package them for sale by Noon! Guess where I'll be!
They also sell them at various Farmers Markets on Saturdays.
At Arizona Cheese Co., savory cheeses are made the good, old fashioned hand in small batches. The milk used by Arizona Cheese Co. meets the highest standards of excellence, is produced locally, and has no added hormones, or artificial additives. Small batches and the freshest milk make a better tasting cheese.
AND get this!!!
The Cheesemakers are transplanted Wisconsin Cheesemakers!!
Are you hearing me, JRPfeff??? - Milk N More UDA
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Re:EUREKA! Fresh Cheese Curds in Tempe, AZ!! 2012/07/27 03:51:22
Got my Cheese Curds today! Regular and Jalapeno!
Figured out a way to make a poutine!
5 Guys French Fries
Some Heinz Savory Beef Gravy
Arizona Cheese Curds
I'm good to go!!!
Also bought some Mild & Sharp Cheddar.