width of your walkway

2012/07/28 00:07:34
I'm in very bad need to increase the depth of my front counter in the truck which will leave me 33" walkway. I've put it off for a month, so tomorrow is the day!! I've put up string and it feels ok, but you know nothing is as it seems. Whats your walkway widths? Views. (if anyone in America, besides me, not watching the China made uniforms, lol)
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Re:width of your walkway 2012/07/28 09:42:19
33" should be okay. Our cart is 30" (counter to counter) but set up for a single person. to work with minimal "traveling". Plus a cooler sat on the floor in that space as well. Really depends on your size. A larger (width wise) person takes up more space than a thinner person.
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Re:width of your walkway 2012/07/28 11:45:01
I agree 33 inches should be fine. My trailer is 39 in most places but at it's narrowest it's 37 inches. Moving around in a food service operation is a lot like a dance if you have a good partner you'll have no problems. When we do big events we have had as many as 4 working the trailer. 
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Re:width of your walkway 2012/07/29 18:52:17
yup i agree we done 4 in a 20 foot trailer many times, and yes you will need a good partner"S"..and remember these words "slide"......"behind you" and the ever popular......"sorry"......... LOL
Re:width of your walkway 2012/07/30 01:43:55
I bit the bullet and it seems it will work out great. We also have 4 on events, however I dont allow dancing...lol. Each has my/their 'territory' and dont let me catch you crossing without permission.You're penalized if it happens. If it happens, it normally just happens once.(envision Soup Nazi) lol