Junior Burger
2012/08/01 09:03:41
Hi All:
Still trying to get my take-out up and running.  I am glad I was not in a rush to open.  The take-out is named after my granddaughter (10 yrs) and she is pretty excited about it.  She has been cooking with me since she was in a high chair!  The theme is along the old privateers which there is a lot of history here, so it fits in pretty good.  Graphics are all done, cleaning and more cleaning (all that grease - yuk), painting and repairing.  Equipment sent in and tested, electrical and plumbing done as needed and lots of yard work on the property.  I did pretty good buying whatever kitchen items I needed through the second hand stores and yard sales.  Least the old items I purchased are made in Canada and USA and not from China!
I am hoping to get my food permit soon.  I have been jumping through hoops with the food safety department here as they are not familiar with smoked foods.  I have had to do pages and pages on food safety for the smoker.  I will be the only one apparently in the county with a smoker.  Glad I purchased my Southern Pride smoker as they cannot find anything that can go wrong with it - so far!
I have my basic menu set selling pulled pork, back ribs, chicken, burgers, poutine and with sides of beans (with pulled pork) coleslaw, caesar salad, potato salad, baked potato, fries, garlic toast.  Also, I plan to sell bulk take out orders, but I would have to know ahead of time.  Of course they are many other items I would like on the menu but I want to limit myself so everything is fresh and made daily.  Specials will include product that I can get for a reasonable price would be smoked haddock, salmon, prime rib etc.  Dr. of BBQ is right on the money - I prefer to sell out than have a lot of food waste.
It sure is a lot of hard work and planning to open up my take-out and I am thankful for all the help I found on this site.  It would have been extremely difficult without the expertise here. 
Now it is practice and practice on my smoker.  I am getting pretty porked out and even more tired of coleslaw and potato salad, but everything seems to be coming together as far as finding the right recipes.  I will try and post pictures as soon as I get my signs up.
Thanks again for everyone's help for getting this venture soon to be up and running.
Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
Re:DESI'S BAR-B-Q 2012/08/01 09:46:04
Glad things are going well and yes it is a lot of hard work.
If you need any help with your cooking or HD inspection of your Southern Pride smoker go to their web site and jump on the phone with them. I know their sales manager he lives very close to my stand, even though the company is in southern Illinois. He is a very good guy and will go over any questions you might have and help in any way he can.
Hours of Operation Monday–Friday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CSTMain phone 731-696-3175Service (800) 437-2679Sales(800) 851-8180Fax 731-696-3180
Junior Burger
Re:DESI'S BAR-B-Q 2012/08/02 20:41:50
Thank you Dr.  Southern Pride has been pretty good - I have to go through the Kendale products that sell Southern Pride in Canada.  I must say the customer service is excellent.  The Food Safety for Nova Scotia is pretty diligent for not poisoning our customers.  I did have to write up a hazard safety for each item I plan to sell, identify potential hazards (ie cooling down methods, cooking etc), how I was to overcome these hazards and from what approved safety source I am get my information from.  Thanks again for your info on Southern Pride and I am sure I will contact them if I have any problems.  I am sure I will ask you questions yourself about the Southern Pride smoker since you are experienced on one.
Nomad Gourmet
Junior Burger
Re:DESI'S BAR-B-Q 2012/08/08 20:22:52
Hey BBQCanuk, I am in Halifax starting up a gourmet food truck with a smoker installed. I have just finished all of my HD stuff.  Drop me an email at nick. ho rne(at) and we can chat.
It would be neat to connect anyhow, I am currently lobbying to change some laws here, we may be able to help each other out!
Junior Burger
Re:DESI'S BAR-B-Q 2012/08/24 06:28:18

Hey Nomad Gourmet
Sorry for delay replying as I've been pretty busy lately getting this venture going.  Looks like everything is a go and now I have my inspection to open this Tuesday.  I didn't realize I would be breaking new ground in this area for using a smoker - there is none apparently in the Annapolis County.  I am not allowed to use the cold smoke right now (unbelievable).  There is someone at Dalhousie University checking into cold smoke health issues.  Heaven knows if and when that would be done.
Glad to hear that there is a new food truck - especially with a smoker!  I had planned originally to get a food truck but ran into too many problems getting a proper commissary at a decent price, so I purchased the take-out.  I will send you an email later.