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Filet Mignon
2012/08/02 09:57:59
A direct quote from a letter I got form American Airlines today:
"In order to streamline our program, we are announcing a change to AAdvantage miles ... also called Miles With No Expiration.
"Starting November 1, 2012, these miles will automatically be converted to Miles Subject to Expiration."
Re:~ Who writes this stuff ... (Sub-topic: Advertsting) 2012/08/02 13:48:27
Love it!
Not trusting the airlines while in possession of a lot of air miles, I turned enough for a trip into an iPad.
The odds were that I'd use the iPad much more than the odds that I'd be taking a trip.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:~ Who writes this stuff ... (Sub-topic: Advertsting) 2012/08/03 08:47:32
Reminds me of a time in the cafeteria at work when they changed the burrito bar from a flat $5 to a pay by weight system.  They put up a sign that said, "In Order to increase customer satisfaction, we are now charging by the ounce for this item."  I checked out in a line where the manager was covering for a sick cashier.  The guy in front of me saw that his price was close to $9, refused to pay it and the manager had to throw it in the trash.  I asked him if that guy seemed more satisfied.  He didn't answer me but I did notice the sign was gone the following week.
I just wish marketing people would learn that not insulting people's intelligence would often be a better way to go.  The sign should have said, "You people are pigs!  We're losing money on this every week!  From now on you have to pay by the pound!"
Re:~ Who writes this stuff ... (Sub-topic: Advertsting) 2012/08/03 13:49:04
I've found all pay by weight places, especially salad bars, to be more expensive than price fixe places.