Sonoran Style Hot Dogs in Phoenix

2012/08/04 19:09:43
While Tucson is the Capitol of Sonoran Dogs in the USA, Phoenix has a few lesser known spots for these delights as well.
One of them is Moreno's Mexican Grilll. They have 3 locations, Mesa (In a converted gas station), Chandler and Queen Creek.
You know the food is authentic because our Beloved Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, recently raided them and arrested 6 illegals who obtained work with fake ID's.
Anyway, they make a Killer Sonoran Dog starting with a fresh, steamed Bolillo Roll. Mexican style hot dogs are shorter than American dogs. They're probably 10-12/# dogs but they fit nicely into the rolls that are sliced in the middle, leaving the ends closed. That's to hold all the goodies inside. The dogs are loaded in the bun dressed with pinto beans, grilled onions, pico de gallo, mustard and of course, bacon. They're topped with melted cheese and creama. Extra salsa is available at the salsa bar along with pickled carrots, jalapenos & cuke slices.
Their Mexican food is authentic as well and everything I saw coming out of the kitchen looked plentiful and appetizing. I usually go to the Mesa location and it's spotless. The Staff is constantly cleaning. They serve Aguas Frescas including Horchatas as well as Mexican Coke & Mexican bottled Sodas.
The Menu features Aperitivos, Sopas, Tortas, Mariscos, Burritos, Tacos, Tostadas, Caramelos and Vampiros as well as Especialidades de La Casa! 
They are known for delicious Menudo, (Sat & Sun only).
I always tell myself I'm gonna try the Mexican food, but never get past the Hot Dogs!
If you're in PHX and looking for good Sonoran Mexican food, I heartly recommend Moreno's.
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Re:Sonoran Style Hot Dogs in Phoenix 2012/08/25 21:40:40
Do any of you on this forum do the "Sonoran Dogs? Would you tell us how you do them? Does $3 - $3.50 sound about right price wise?
Thanks for any help.
Re:Sonoran Style Hot Dogs in Phoenix 2012/08/26 04:06:24
The Sonoran Dog at Moreno's posted above is $2.75.
Keep in mind it's a small, Mexican dog- about 10 of them to a pound.
The price of your dog should depend on your food cost and the quality of what you're serving, not other peoples prices.
Is anyone in your area serving a Sonoran Dog?
How much do they charge and what do you get for the money spent?