Shoprite Frozen Pizza - Gone?

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2012/08/06 11:42:49
Believe it or not, our favorite frozen pizza for the past few years has been Shoprite, the square slices that come about 27 to a box. They are actually pretty good, the crust is actually crispy, and the sauce and cheese aren't bad either. It does in fact cost a little more than the other frozen square brands. My son got us started on it, he'd buy a box on his way home from work at night.
Anyway, it seems to have disapeared from Shoprite's shelves in any Shoprite we've checked (3 stores in Union/Somerset County in NJ). We haven't seen it for a couple of months now.
Anybody got any scoop on what's going on? Is it still in your area? The one Shoprite Strore Manager we spoke to was very non committal ("Yeah, it should be in any day now". Right, just like you said when we asked a month ago) .
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Re:Shoprite Frozen Pizza - Gone? 2012/08/06 16:02:17
SR the only frozen pizza we ever have in the house.

I asked the frozen manager a few weeks ago...and he said the company that makes the pizza and the SR Pork Roll went bankrupt. So...they are looking for another company.
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Re:Shoprite Frozen Pizza - Gone? 2012/08/06 16:10:21
According to the Shoprite Cheese Pizza website, Imported Goat Cheese, Margherita & Woodfired 4 Cheese Pizzas in 14.1 oz sizes are available at all stores and a 16 oz. Cheese Pizza is available only at the Albany, NY, store.
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Re:Shoprite Frozen Pizza - Gone? 2012/08/06 20:32:04
Alas, I have counted innumerable items I've come to like, but, were never replenished on the shelves of Shoprite once they were sold out. If it doesn't make the cut (sell in enough volume), it doesn't get the shelf space. What I can't understand, though, is the gaping hole on the shelf where that favorite item once was. Sometimes it's like that for months. Even if an item doesn't sell like gangbusters, wouldn't it be better to keep it on the shelf as a service to loyal customers rather than making it look like someone in inventory replenishment is asleep at the switch?
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Re:Shoprite Frozen Pizza - Gone? 2012/08/06 23:01:55
I never saw the fancy Shoprite pizza varieties.

How in the hell can you go broke making good frozen pizza & pork roll selling it in New Jersey? Leave it to Shoprite. Blame Scrunchy.
Re:Shoprite Frozen Pizza - Gone? 2012/12/09 15:36:13
Ken...there's a new brand in the Shoprite slot. It's called Price Rite. It looks like SR pizza...from the picture on the box. Nice edges compared to the other dreadful frozen pizza selections. It's made in Keasbey.

I didn't buy it but the frozen manager came chasing after me with the box.