Uncle George's hotdogs

Junior Burger
2012/08/06 19:23:27
Hi my name is Harold, I worked at Uncle George's hot wiener shop, in Kingston New York 1972 til 1990 when Mike sold the place. I was cleaning up and found the original Uncle George's recipe. I'm the only one left with the original recipe i'm thinking of making the sauce and shipping it to whoever's interested at $4.95 a pint $9 a quart. How many would be interested in purchasing this sauce. I was the one who posted the history of Uncle George's in Kingston NY on Broadway, and I would challenge anyone that says they have that recipe. I had several people tell me they had this recipe and they weren't even close. I'm willing to cook up a batch for people who want to purchase it. majish32@yahoo.com is my e-mail. Any questions about the history of Uncle George's contact me.