boudin and cane syrup

paul and louise
2004/02/28 19:52:03
i got hold of some boudin and hear tell itz good with cane syrup
do you melt butter into the syrup?
how much?
Pepper Breath
RE: boudin and cane syrup 2004/03/18 06:41:14
Reads more like your looking at a stack of pancakes. I'm from "upnort" and have very limited experience with boudin but I think a dab of syrup goes good with most any sausage. Personal taste should dictate the amount of butter mixed in, if any.
Lone Star
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: boudin and cane syrup 2004/03/18 11:42:09
I have never had syrup with boudin, but we always had sorghum syrup with my grandmothers biscuits for breakfast. Take some butter and add it to a pool of syrup on your plate, and mix/mash it in with a fork - enjoy!
Double Cheeseburger
RE: boudin and cane syrup 2004/03/18 12:43:18
My favorite syrup to accompany boudin is "Dixie Blackened Voodoo"!
Junior Burger
RE: boudin and cane syrup 2004/03/18 19:12:57
With cane syrup is my preferred way to have boudin -- you don't mix it with butter (at least I've never seen it done that way), you just drizzle a little on top like you would on pancakes. It's a stronger flavor than maple syrup (real or artificial), so you don't need much for it to makes its mark.

(Cane syrup's also really, really good on a breakfast sandwich of biscuit and country ham.)