Excellent breakfast/lunch joint in Evergreen Colorado

Junior Burger
2012/08/07 20:21:43
Hi, we were on our way to the Mile High Nationals NHRA drag racing in Lakewood, Colorado and came across the Country Road Cafe on Highway 74 in Evergreen, Colorado.  It's a small breakfast and lunch joint that used to be called Mark Singer.  The front room only has about 10 tables, the floor is uneven, and it's a wood paneling cabin type vibe with lots of funny signs, pictures (such as a signed photo of the "soup nazi" from Seinfeld TV show.  They do have an outdoor seating area that's covered (summer only I'd imagine) also with probably 18 more tables.  Note, they are closed on Mondays.  The menu is huge (seven pages) though for such a small place!  One of their specialties is called the "smashed mashed".  There are several varieties and I chose one that has a huge plate of smashed/mashed potatoes covered with 2 eggs, onions, peppers, cheddar, chicken fried steak, hollandaise sauce and pico de gallo.  Most excellent!  My brother had the chipotle pork hash (I could've sworn it was a green chile hash but the online menu doesn't have that.  Maybe they're a bit out of date with the online menu, or it's just my old age and dreams for a green chile hash) and it was huge and excellent also!  Highly recommended.  countryroadcafe.com  Also it seems that you can rent a beautiful cabin and they'll deliver meals if desired.  thecabinsatcountryroad.com
Hey, I forgot to say a great big howdy to everyone as I broke my nut with this post!  btw, love the website, and have been reading another thread below which shows the origins of roadfood.com.  I didn't realize that this site has such deep (35 years?) history...  Thanks Michael!
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