Pizza Perfect - Trucksville, PA

Double Cheeseburger
2012/08/09 09:13:54
Nice to see Bruce and Susan's review.  Glad they liked it!  I've been trying to get out of towners to head to Pizza Perfect for years.  It's one of the very best pizzas in an area with dozens of great ones and many, many styles.   This is a bit of a drive from the town of "Old Forge" which gets the most credit for pizza around here - but it's not just "Old Forge Pizza" in these parts and PP belongs at or near the top of any area pizza discussion.
Though it may look like supermarket pizza -- the crust and the onions are far from that --- and as I've noted before - a sprinkle or two of salt sends this into the stratosphere.  (Perhaps they are a little shy on the salt to cater to the many elderly folks who are watching their intake?).    No need for toppings - but onions are a must!
Re:Pizza Perfect - Trucksville, PA 2012/08/09 19:43:22
Hey Stan, Nice to hear from you.  I call Pizza Perfect one of the Victory Pig Style Pizzas, and I don't care for any of them  My family go nutz over this style, I am the lone disinter.  
The one thing that surprises me the most.....I can't believe Bruce didn't look me up while he was in town!
EDIT: Did you get a chance to try Ellio G's yet?  The G stands for Ghigiarelli.  I haven't been there yet(take out only), but I've heard good reviews.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Pizza Perfect - Trucksville, PA 2012/08/09 23:35:34
Hi Joe - I have not tried Elio G's - but have heard good things.   Also, Calogero's is back in one form or another and they had excellent take out pizza.   I'll have to get to both.   Soon!
Regarding Pizza Perfect, even my 83 year old Dad who is 100% Italian thinks it's great pizza - though not exactly "old country".