quick question going south on 95

Junior Burger
2012/08/09 15:33:54
I know this is last min but tomorrow Ill be heading to alexandria va for a few days Ill be mostly on  the jersey turnpike and 95 . any suggestions for some place to stop for lunch even if its just a little off of 95 to the tipke? nothing in particular food wise just something for a lite lunch will be solo so I don't have to hear anyone complain about what food they want.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:quick question going south on 95 2012/08/09 18:52:46
Tony Luke's in Phila for cheesesteaks or Italian Roast Pork with broccoli rabe.  
DiNic's in Reading Terminal Market in Phila for Italian Roast Pork with broccoli rabe.
MaGerk's Pub and Grill. There's one in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, and one in Bel Air, MD,  a little north of Baltimore.  The Bel Air location is about 10 minutes west of I-95, but a lot easier to park than the one in Baltimore.  Great ham and cheese on  pretzel roll sandwich.  Pretty good Cheesesteaks on Amorosa rolls.  Great crock of tomato bisque soup with house made croutons.
Steak & Main on Main Street in North East MD, about 3 miles south of I-95.  Exit 100.   Route 272 south toward North East.   Great Pit beef sandwich. 
Pete's New Haven Style Apizza (pronounced "ah-beetz", like they do in CT).      Arlington, VA.  Next door to  Alexandria.     Pizza (what else?!).   Probably the worst of the New Haven style pizzas that I've had.  But the best of ANY pizza that I've had in the DC area.  Yeah, New Haven pizza in New Haven is that good.   ... And DC area pizza is pretty bad.   Pete's is pretty decent stuff.   
Also, they have the GREAT Boylans' Cane Cola at the soda fountain.  It has a nice strong cola taste.  They have Diet Boylan's Cane Cola, as well.    Free refills.    I'd go there to drown in the Boylan's Cane Cola, even if that's all I ordered. 
Treetop Tom
Re:quick question going south on 95 2012/08/09 22:00:27
Charcoal Pit in Wilmington, DE, is a classic burger/shake/fries/rings joint just north of 95 on US 202.  If you can make it to Baltimore before stopping, the Broadway Diner just west of 95 on Eastern Avenue is classic Greek/American diner food.
Junior Burger
Re:quick question going south on 95 2012/08/10 08:02:50
THANKS all I think Ill try the charcoal pit been to philly plenty of times. and I will try to stop off at Bens Chili bowel while down there this time.