Atlanta Food Truck Commissary Kitchens Project

Junior Burger
2012/08/13 19:20:06
Hi All,
We are still working on a Food Truck Commissary Kitchen Project in Metro Atlanta.
I am trying to get some statistics for the plan that we are presenting to our bank so we can get this off the ground.
Any information would be helpful.

Either Actual, Estimated or Hopeful figures will be helpful.
How many days does (or will) the food truck operate?
What are your (actual or projected) average sales at Lunch?
What are your (actual or projected) average sales at Dinner?
How much do/would you pay for a Food Truck Commissary Kitchen?
With centralized purchasing, If you were able to place an order and have your days supplies on a cart waiting for you (including Food, Beverages, Paper Goods and Cleaning supplies) when you arrived at the Food Truck Commissary Kitchen?
If you are willing to have a conversation with me, please call  me at 404-987-6958
Or you can respond via our our website and fill out the survey or email us @ doug at CommercialKitchensForRent Dot Net