root beer barrel ?

2012/08/16 13:18:02
i was coming from toledo to pa  line in the late 90's on the backroads of ohio.we stopped at a place in a small town that sold root beer and was in the shape of a root beer barrel.can anyone tell me the town this place still exists or existed.can you still tell me if this place is still open .i will be hitting to road going from buffalo to las vegas in my rv for 3 weeks in oct.would like to stop there.
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Re:root beer barrel ? 2012/08/17 12:06:13
There was one of those on rt. 355 just north of Rockville Md., still there, not operating!
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Re:root beer barrel ? 2012/08/17 12:38:46
How about White Turkey Drive In in Conneaut, OH?  They do still serve root beer out of a big barrel and they aren't too far from the Pennsylvania state line.
Re:root beer barrel ? 2012/08/18 22:17:46
nope thats not it.thanks anyways.this barrel was about 15 ft tall and round ,looked just like a root beer barrel.