Low cost amenities vying for space with luxury villas

Junior Burger
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2012/08/20 02:35:00
Improvement of the quality of life of the people and especially of those belonging to the low-income population groups is a matter of vital importance to the developing countries.  Almost all the urban development policy decisions contain significant approaches to improve the housing amenities of people belonging to the low-income class of the society.  When considering the cost of luxury City has now made a name for itself in building and selling living spaces at exorbitant costs.  Such villas are beyond the reach of even the high salaried groups.
However, provision of housing at low cost is a formidable challenge of our times.  Through it we seek to satisfy our basic needs for social and economic development which include:
1.Safe and healthy dwellings for healthy lifestyle in a modest home
2.       Essential services like potable water supply, sanitation, affordable energy and living amenities with necessary fittings and fixtures
3.Community facilities such as schools, health centers, community places, etc., for social development
4.Public utilities, which includes roads and transportation facilities, communication systems, etc., for economic growth.
It would thus be obvious that information system on low cost housing is an important and essential component in the development of human settlements in Cochin.  No government can ever afford to ignore this one important fact.  The proliferation of apartments in the urban areas has already made life difficult for people living in small landholdings.  Only a major change in the economic pattern will ensure equitable living spaces for all.