Probably selling the truck!

Vic Cardenas
2012/08/20 16:52:35
Well, I wasn't in business for very long. I've had quite the trials to start up. Almost got a divorce because of this damn thing.
Lost my wife as my business partner right away and almost killed my marriage too. Employees suck, I don't want any. So... asked for my old job back and got it.
I'd probably keep the truck if I could find one solid location to park everyday and just work by myself. But, business owners with parking lots are crusty bastards here.  
I'm thinking I'll list this locally for $24,000
Re:Probably selling the truck! 2012/08/20 17:03:53
I'm sorry to hear that...Vic.

Fu*k the truck! When you find a keeper...keep her.

Filet Mignon
Re:Probably selling the truck! 2012/08/20 17:13:04
So sorry to hear too. You had been so positive and involved and worked really hard with growing a business. All I can say is that I hope the best for you in whatever way that works out.
Re:Probably selling the truck! 2012/08/20 18:08:17
Suggest you post all the descriptive info about the truck here:
Bistro a go-go
Re:Probably selling the truck! 2012/08/20 18:31:24
vic, really hate to see you sell and if you can just park it for now and work when you want to it may be the way to go but the money in one check would be nice too. spend about 3k of that 24k on a nice cruise for you and your wife.
i was thinking about selling one of mine too. ive spent the better part of a year collecting all the equipment for two identical p30's in order to dbl up at some events and have decided to concentrate on one right now. if i had deep pockets id keep both cause its so hard to get this far but i can use the funds to do a first rate job on the one. my question is what can a person get for a non finished truck? desiel chevy, automatic trans, interior shell skinned out. have 7ft hood and fan, 60 lb fryer, 24" grill, generator, gas tanks, electrical power box and 12v converter, cooler, sand prep, 5 ft ice cream box, 3 comp sink and hand sink. what is this worth, any ideas anyone?