What was for Dessert?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2012/08/22 01:03:54
I made some blueberry crisp tonight.
I picked blueberries on Sunday. There is a pick your own place nearby in between a couple of cranberry bogs.
The dog got to get out and look for rodents and eat a few berries.
 The last two times I picked blueberries, they were 4' high bushes.
Should have brought a ladder, all the best berries were at the top of the bushes (trees) They were hard to reach.

Re:What was for Dessert? 2012/08/22 01:43:29
I've never seen blueberries growing.  Thanks.
Looks luscious!
ann peeples
Re:What was for Dessert? 2012/08/22 09:07:24
I havent either, Mar! Thanks for sharing, chefbuba