Anyone Have An "ICD"?

Junior Burger
2012/08/24 21:24:00
Hi All,
I have been a long time lurker here.  I am 51 y.o. and my son is a senior in high school and plays travel baseball.  We go to many out of state tournaments a year and I always search Roadfood for the places we are going.  Thank you all for your road trip reports.  My question is if there are any of you out there with an ICD.  I just had one implanted in June and am very afraid of long trips with it now.  How do you deal with this as I know you all love to take to the "road".
Mikes Mom
Re:Anyone Have An "ICD"? 2012/08/25 04:04:14
Maybe this will help;
Wear a Medical ID bracelet or pendant:
The manufacturer should have given you an ID Card.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Anyone Have An "ICD"? 2012/08/25 07:06:46
Follow your Dr's instructions and advice.   ... My Dad had one the last 3 months he lived.   The defib never activated; the pace-maker side corrected his irregular heart beat.    ... His passing was not from heart failure.
Junior Burger
Re:Anyone Have An "ICD"? 2012/08/26 18:15:55
I had one implanted two years ago when I was 58.  I was scared witless at the time, but believe me, it gets better.  I travel once a month with an overnight and have gone on 2 short (3-4 day) vacations this year an have another short one planned for next month.  My doctor said it's very normal to feel hesitant to travel but to live as normally as possible.  I keep my card with me at all times.  I have a St. Jude.