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2012/08/30 12:36:50
Have you ever heard of someone ordering drugs from their local food truck? While that scenario may seem strange, drug requests were commonplace at a taco truck in Olivehurst, California, where two brothers ran their meth and marijuana business. According to CBS San Francisco, police recently busted a taco truck that was a front for a meth and marijuana business. The undercover sting operation was aptly dubbed, "Operation Dirty Taco."
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Brothers Juan and Ernesto Paez are accused of selling drugs to undercover agents via their taco truck. The undercover sting operation lasted three months and found that customers looking for drugs would come to the truck and order meth or marijuana. They were served the drugs in the same Styrofoam containers as the food.
Nearby business owners were not aware of the drug business, even though the truck raked in $50,000 per month before it was shut down by the cops. The truck was part of a family taqueria and it's possible the rest of the family was unaware of the brothers' under-the-table dealings.
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Over $8,500 in cash, marijuana plants worth $300,000, and $11,000 worth of meth were found at an Olivehurst home after the taco truck was busted. Unsurprisingly, the tacos weren't particularly tasty at the drug truck. "The tacos weren't that good; they looked to be rather dry and inedible," said Martin Horan, commander of the task force.
Re:Tacos and more, food truck 2012/08/30 14:22:54
No shock. Pizza parlors in the inner city have always been fronts for drugs. Liquor stores and gas stations for gambling. For those that plan on operating late at night near bars...prepare for a raid.