Has anyone ever thought of.....

Junior Burger
2012/08/31 23:48:24
using a water heater for an aquarium so fresh and grey water tans from freezing during winter say like in northeast?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Has anyone ever thought of..... 2012/09/01 07:42:38
That's a thought.  Any heating element such as hot water heater, or other small elements with thermostat could be install within the tank to do the job.   ...  But heat strip tape with thermostat control is made for that specific use and is not submerged within the tank, easy to install on the outside; and will not raise questions by the HD.
Junior Burger
Re:Has anyone ever thought of..... 2012/09/01 09:30:56
Like the stuff for pipes? I'll check it out thanks. Didn't know if that was super more wattage than the little heaters.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Has anyone ever thought of..... 2012/09/01 20:07:28
We live in a converted school bus in a campground. We use a waterbed heater on each of our holding tanks (30 gallon fresh  & 25 gallon black... 70 gallon grey stays open when on full hookups) so our tanks do not freeze. Tanks sit in insulated boxes. The waterbed heater is cheap, works great and I have it on an EasyHeat EH-38 plug in thermostat (I bought it several years back at either Lowes or ACE Hardware) so the whole thing doesn't get any power until temps are getting close to freezing. We set the heater pad as low as we can as we don't want warm water. I will need to add another waterbed pad when we add the extra 30 gallon fresh tank (will give us 70 gallons of fresh water since we filter water into our fresh and draw water 24/7 out of it).
There is an RV heater pad that heats a 15 gallon tank. It is 12vDC/120vAC.
The heat pipe cable will not do what you want it to do. The heat pads will.
This is what we use heat pipe cable for!
Junior Burger
Re:Has anyone ever thought of..... 2012/09/25 18:10:59
I am sure the aquarium heater would be a no-no with the HD.  They are made of thin glass, and breakable glass isn't good in your water supply.  Same reason for not scooping ice with the glass from a bin instead of using a metal scooper.