Seafood in New England

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2012/09/01 15:45:06
going on a 10 day trip thru new england. I've never been there before. Looking forward to some fresh seafood. any suggestions of places in New England I should not miss???
Re:Seafood in New England 2012/09/01 17:48:53
A few more specifics would be helpful - clam shacks, moderate dining, fine dining or a mix?  What states & areas?   Actual fish (preferred types) and/or shellfish?
ME, for example, is about half the area of NE.  Fresh seafood is typically available throughout, however, within 50 miles of the coast will probably be best.
That said, a few of the best informal  places (traveling north long I-95):
Pepe's - New Haven CT - clam pizza
Glenwood Drive In - Hamden, CT - fried clams
Flanders Fish Market - East Lyme, CT - fish
Abbotts - Noank, CT - lobster in rough & lobster roll
Matunick Oyster Bar - East Matunick, RI - local oysters
Spain - Narragansett, RI - Paella
Buttonwood Fish & Chips - Warwick, RI - fried scallops & whole bellies (plus onion rings & fries)
Village Restaurant & Woodman's - Essex, MA - fried clams
Lobster Shack - Cape Elizabeth, ME - crab roll & outstanding scenery
Reds - Wiscasset, ME - lobster roll
Five Island Lobster - Georgetown, ME - fried clams, lobster & outstanding scenery
plus, there are many more fine dining & other full service places for fish dishes along the way (Newport, Providence, Boston, etc).
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Re:Seafood in New England 2012/09/01 23:12:48
Hi blgpts!  Exactly in which states will you be?  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island?  When is your trip?  Some seafood places are seasonal and are closed once cooler weather rolls in.  Also look in the Restaurant section here on the RF site.  You can click on the Roadfood Restaurant Type Directory for "Seafood" (which will give you LOTS of choices!) and also for "Clam Shack" and "Lobster Pound" which are two types that are plentiful in New England.  Happy Hunting!!
Re:Seafood in New England 2012/09/02 02:02:15
I suggest you go to the Roadfood Home Page.
In the upper right hand corner, you wil see a box called "FIND AUTHENTIC REGIONAL EATS"
Just type in a city and state; for example, Portland, ME. or Boston, MA, Rutland, VT, Nashua, NH, etc. and hit the "Q"
It will give you the top 26 places in each state you're visiting that have been thoroughly reviewed and liked by Roadfooders over the years, with complete descriptions of the food and everything about them.
Be sure to follow the format exactly - City,State for it to work properly.
To get you started, here's the ME link:
There's 26 places in ME, 26 in MA, 26 in CT, 26 in VT, 26 in NH, 26 in RI.
That's 156 places that have been THOROUGHLY reviewed and recommended by Roadfooders.
I'm sure you'll be able to find some places you'll like.

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Re:Seafood in New England 2012/09/28 23:35:19
Great list but I think for my tastes the two Quincy landmarks are the best for fried clams.  Try Tony's or The Clam Box along Wollaston Beach.  I've had Woodmans but both of these places in my opinion are usually as good or better.
Hurry though...they will be closing for the season soon