Missoula, Montana Recs

2012/09/05 18:45:16
I'm sitting in my hotel room trying to plan out dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations for Missoula.
I did have a truly great lunch upon arrival at the Greek Pastry Shop. Awesome Ma and Pa place located on 5th Street in Missoula. They are known for their Gryos, but I had the Chicken Souvlaki. It was a great sandwich and a great deal ($5.99). According to their business cards they have been the gryos masters since 1977. If in town...give 'em a try.
Greek Pastry Shop
520 S. 5th St W
Missoula, MT
Re:Missoula, Montana Recs 2012/09/06 23:14:51
Probably too late but The Mustard Seed has great Oriental food! Wordan's Market has great sandwiches!
Enjoy your stay there!