Stupid question thread

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Stupid question thread 2012/12/06 20:18:53
im pretty sure he's sicked the law on ppl for far more petty things than that
Re:Stupid question thread 2012/12/07 21:56:04
Over water pan in the summer. Over direct heat in the winter. The Nathans I use can stand a little boiling water (off and on), just don't keep boiling the snot out of them for hours. Don't sweat the small stuff you will soon figure it out.
Hella your cart/concept with the taco's is pretty cool. Gonna have to call you some day. I've started dabbling  in them some and wouldn't be surprised if at some time it overtakes the dogs. My daughter in law was raised in Mexico and I have a few Mexican guys to critique my tacos and give me advise about how I am doing and what to offer with them. They say there are quite a few of them around and they are sick of fast food joints so word of mouth can spread pretty fast. Your Sizzle-Q  grill looks like hell (that's cool too). Sucker will clean up like new with some Mr. Muscle type pro strength oven cleaner. Couldn't believe how it cleaned mine.  

For those of you that boil your dogs... the pan that actually holds the dogs, do you have that over direct heat or in a double boiler?

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Re:Stupid question thread 2013/02/07 01:07:21
Long overdue for RJT....Greased Lightening is the BEST!  Finally found this and you're keeps my white coolers sparkling white!  Thanks!


How on earth are you guys keeping your white coolers clean?  I'm talking the outside....and especially the top.  I've tried a bleach mixture, soft scrub, etc and nothing seems to's not dirt per's just not white.  I'm a stickler for cleanliness and it's bugging me.....

Greased Lightning and a stiff scrub brush works for me. I even use a stainless steel wire brush if needed. You have to stay on top of it every few days and it stays nice and clean.

Re:Stupid question thread 2013/02/17 14:21:40
Stupid question time!
So I've been slinging for about 5 months now and I have a little system for this question but I thought I'd throw it out there in case someone else has a better system...
You're in the middle of your have dogs in the pan that are and ready to go.  You add more dogs - which will not be ready if someone walks up 5 secs later...obviously.  How do you know which dogs are ready and which ones are the ones you just put in there?  What kind of system do you use?  (and if you boil them in one pan and hold them in another....that doesn't least for this question.  Looking for people that do everything in one steam pan) 
I usually put all my "ready" dogs in one direction (north/south, whatever) and put the new ones the opposite direction (east/west)...any other ideas?  Maybe after a few years I'll get super good and just be able to look at them and tell, ha ha.  I do have a thermometer that I use often but taking the dogs temp when it's busy slows things down too much....
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Stupid question thread 2013/02/17 15:16:39
Well, I was gonna say I can tell by looking at them, but I like your system. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
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