New business, Old Truck, Big Hopes.

2012/09/06 15:15:03
Hi All, 
I've been lurking the forums for a few days now trying to get an idea of what setup to go with, I've seen a lot of good DIY ideas here and just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge.
Our company is very young but we have been pretty lucky and have done well since we started, we started doing farmer's markets having to haul a full size broiler, a tent and a warming pan to various locations, well that gets tiring so we decided to get a "step van" so we don't have to setup and breakdown everytime we get out there.
Also I will be dishing out in the evenings since I have a full time job and for now me & my girlfriend are the only employees. Our business is called Santacruz Taco Co. and we are located in Honolulu, HI we serve Authentic HomeStyle Tacos with handmade corn and wheat tortillas(had to find a niche in order to compete with all the other taco vendors here) and freshest ingredients available. we are no-nonsense so we stick to the traditional rather than the "hipster taco trend".
well like I mentioned, we got a van and I'm getting ready to set it up, I had to gut it out since the previous owner hadn't cleaned it in a while.
now I'm in the process of cleaning the walls and repainting the panels and dashboard. I'll post pics as the build progresses.  
let's try the pikchers:

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Curb Hopper
Re:New business, Old Truck, Big Hopes. 2012/09/06 23:40:46
Aloha! Welcome to the best site there is when it comes to road food. I'm new here too. My background is food, not truck build outs, but I'm goin make a go at it anyway. I figure I'm better off not knowing trucks rather than not knowing food. Anyways, I probably can't offer much building help but I am learning so I suppose anything is possible!

Re:New business, Old Truck, Big Hopes. 2012/09/07 16:11:49
hey there CB, my background is also food but I like to play with power tools too  I know there's a lot of smart people here that's the reason I joined.
another question:
are there any cons to having a solar powered extract fan?