Covington, KY

2012/09/09 18:17:56
We are going to see the final Reds home game on Sept 27th.  Staying near Covington & looking for someplace good to eat that evening.  I have see that Covington has a riverfront area with restaurants, etc.  Where should we go?
TJ Jackson
Re:Covington, KY 2012/09/09 20:27:29
how near Covington?  (naming the hotel you are staying at would help)
what sort of food (cuisine type and cost level) are you up for? 
are you relying on public transportation or do you have a rental car?
have you already had Cincinnati style chili and/or doubledecker sandwiches?
Re:Covington, KY 2012/09/10 00:45:40
There's over 2800 posts on this thread covering that area.
AND 26 specific full reviews here that are Recommended by Roadfooders.
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