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2012/09/13 18:48:06
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Re:~ Bacon Burgers 2012/09/15 06:25:31
Greg...........I actually Grind my own beef.......from some of the leaner cuts of "mock tender steak" or round or whatever i get from my market..usually on sale and last day of sale with further markdowns.  This stuff is good......but can be 97-98% lean,  So, for every pound of meat or so, I grind up 6-8 slices of thick-cut bacon, which tends to be a bit leaner....so my guess is I end up with about 92% lean, 8% fat.
But the ground bacon adds a lot to flavor and juiciness.  I may also add some garlic, marsala wine, A-1 or Worcestershire to the mix.
And since i make some of my own "bacon" usuing Country-style boneless ribs, I throw on a cple of slices