Start your day with healthy diet

Junior Burger
2012/09/19 01:32:14
Hi guys...............
Starting of the day important for all over the day. If starting is good then all over day can spend well. So start your day with healthy food and spend all over day well. It can helpful with healthy food habit.
For an instant pick-me-up try: peanuts, pistachios or oysters, which are all high in selenium.
To feel generally happy: chicken and turkey both contain high levels of tryptophan.Other foods to try include tofu, asparagus, spinach, sunflower seeds, walnuts and eggs.
To ward off depression: mackerel and sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids, which boost serotonin.
To give the day a good start: oats are full of B vitamins and give the brain a dose of glucose.