Flat-Top Question & Forum Suggestion :)

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2012/09/19 15:10:32
Hi guys, 
I do a lot more reading on here than posting, but I have something I'd like to suggest. While this area of the forum is called "Restaurant Professionals Forum" I've noticed it to be dominated by food truck specific threads. Would there be any value in creating a sub-forum for food truck discussion exclusively? Or at least for food truck builds?.. Just a thought :) 
My question is regarding flat top griddles - I've worked at restaurants that have had a rigerous cleaning routine for their flat tops that left them looking shiny and brand new after every shift. With that being said, is it really possible to keep a griddle "seasoned"?.. Do some places NOT clean theirs daily to let flavor develop or is that just a myth? 
I'm trying to re-create the flavor of the burgers at a local place called "Working Mans Friend". The waitress says they taste so good because of the 80yr old griddle, so I'm trying to understand what that exactly means. Also, I've tried to quickly flatten the burgers I make in a cast iron skillet to get them really thin with crispy edges but when I smash them they tear apart and I'm just not able to get the desired taste or texture I'm looking for. Is there a trick to the grinding method of the meat that helps produce the thin and crispy edges? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! 
Re:Flat-Top Question & Forum Suggestion :) 2012/09/19 15:31:05
I think that's a great suggestion...that would make everyone very happy.

According to Serious Eats WMF uses the smash technique.

Here's a good run-through...


Clean & seasoned are two different animals. It's best to have a clean...seasoned griddle or pan. Just like a cast iron pan you let season...and don't scrub to the core...or use any cleaning agents.

Dyer's in Tennessee has been frying hamburgers in the same (strained) grease...for 100 years.
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Junior Burger
Re:Flat-Top Question & Forum Suggestion :) 2012/09/19 16:02:41
 - Thank you for the link! That's exactly what I was looking for! :) 
Re:Flat-Top Question & Forum Suggestion :) 2012/09/19 16:12:25
You're welcome.

The Working Man's Friend looks like a great place!